ESS Newsletter Article Template

  1. Edit this page
  2. Click the three dots next to the gears
  3. Copy all content
  4. Open new tab; Go to Dashboard
  5. Create new page
  6. Enter the article title as page title
  7. Paste content into block underneath title
  8. Edit with article content
  9. Publish the page
  10. Assign parent to page using “page attributes” It may take time to see the option – try refreshing… OR
    • Go to the dashboard, pages, all pages.
    • Search for the title of the page in search page. In the search results, hover over the title. Choose quick edit. Then you can add a parent
  11. Delete this block.

ESS Newsletter

Vol. #, No. #, Year

Section Name (e.g. Humor)

Article Title
Author byline

Text of article

Use Image blocks to add images, alt-text is required for images.