Template Agenda & Minutes

  1. Edit this page
  2. Click the three dots next to the gears
    • Copy all blocks
  3. Open new tab; Go to Dashboard
  4. Create new page
  5. Enter the page title using the following convention:
    • [Committee or Discussion Group Name] Agenda & Minutes – [Year] [Midwinter or Annual]
    • e.g., Membership Committee Agenda & Minutes – 2020 Midwinter
  6. Paste content into block underneath title
  7. Assign category [skip this step for now; doesn’t work]
  8. In right side editing menu, Choose page > Page atributes > Parent page
  9. Search for the name of the parent page (the committee or DG name) and it will show up, select it (doesn’t always work though)… OR
    • Save draft
    • Go to the dashboard, pages, all pages.
    • Your page should be close to the top, since it’s not assigned to a parent yet
      • Or search for the title of the page in search page. In the search results, hover over the title. 
    • Choose quick edit. Then you can add a parent. Then Edit page and continue.
  10. Delete this block of instructions on the new page
  11. Publish the page.
  12. Copy the URL (in right edit window); add link to new agenda/minutes on parent page.

ALA [Midwinter or Annual] Meeting, NameCity [or Virtual]

Saturday, Month XX, XXXX
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Venue Hotel or Convention Center, Rm. XXX [or Zoom registration info]


  • Name, Institution, Email (Chair/Convener)
  • Name, Institution; Name, Institution, etc….

Agenda & Minutes

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Agenda item

  • Notes

III. Agenda item

  • Notes

IV. Agenda item

  • Notes

Minutes submitted by [Name]