Web Team Minutes July 2022

ACRL ESS Web Team Summer Meeting

Friday, July 22, 2022
via Zoom


  • Deb Raftus, University of Washington, Web Editor
  • Terri Artemchik, Home page and Slider Lead Elizabeth Dawson, Resources Section Lead Maria Gorbunova, Conference Section Lead Hélène Huet, Accessibility Project Co-lead Taylor Leigh, Meet the Community Section Lead Olga Makarova, Committee Section Lead Barbara Maratos, Training Lead Laura Martin, Discussion Group Section Lead & Get Involved Section Lead Caterina Reed, Accessibility Project Co-lead


I. Welcome and introductions

  • Welcome Terri, Elizabeth, Maria, Hélène, Taylor, Olga, Barbara, Laura, and Caterina! 
  • ESS Web WordPress Team (2 year term)
    • (I think I’m going to change the name of this section from “web administrators” to web team, more accurate -Deb)
    • Relationship to Communications & Publications / Newsletter
  • Roles and timeline for tasks
  • Web calendar
  • This year’s big goal: Content Review Project (from WESS-centric to ESS, complete migration of SEES content)
  • Overview of Website
    • WordPress & Libguides
    • Taxonomy

II. Google Drive

  • Web Team Drive (will change location eventually)
  • Add shortcut to your MyDrive for easy access
  • By end of 2-year term, we’ll each have “how tos” written for each of our jobs (in How-Tos: Leads)

III. Training Materials

IV. First Steps

  • Practice WordPress using training materials above
  • Get to know the web administrators pages on website
  • Content review project (wait til we get the go, will coordinate as a team)
  • Deb needs to add the new chairs and conveners to the web site first
    • And will send a welcome email and let everyone know that we’re working on the website content review and update project this year (sent 8/24)

Next Meeting

  • November, 2022
  • Meet via Zoom to plan for Annual conference with Brian and Jordan (Chair and Vice-chair)

Minutes submitted by Deb Raftus