ESS Newsletter 2022

ESS Newsletter 2022

Vol. 2

Editors: Masha Stepanova, Megan Bennett
European Studies Section
Association of College & Research Libraries
American Library Association

image of Hélène Huet

Notes from the Chair by Hélène Huet

Dear ESS Members,

What a(nother) crazy year this has been.

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2022 Modern Language Association Convention Report
Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
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Ukraine-Russia War (February 2022-current)

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, setting off a conflict (war) that is still on-going. This section was created to provide background on the situation, as well as links to organizations that are providing accurate information about what is happening in Ukraine.

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Italian American Periodicals at the Library of Congress
Lucia Wolf

Lucia Alma Wolf, ed. The Unexpected Dante. Perspectives on the Divine Comedy. /Contributions by Lucia Alma Wolf, Francesco Ciabattoni, Bernardo Piciché, Kristina M. Olson, and Sylvia Rodgers Albro. Published by Library of Congress in collaboration with Bucknell University Press, 2022.

ESS Retirements

It is always bittersweet when a colleague retires. On the one hand, it is a terrible loss to the profession, and on the other we applaud their contributions and wish them much joy! This Newsletter issue has tributes to three long-time members of the ESS community : Dick Hacken, Sarah How and Rebecca Malek-Wiley. We thank them for their years of service; are grateful for the generosity of time, energy & effort they have given us; celebrate their many achievements; and send them off to new adventures with a resounding cheer.

Click the pictures to read the lovely tributes to our retiring members! Dick Hacken. Sarah How. Rebecca Malek-Wiley.

Feature Articles


Amusing Book titles
by André Wenzel

  • Dell’andare in bicicletta e altre divagazioni : antologia per ciclisti e sognatori
  • Il dentista : delitti alle sette chiese
  • Fe-lines : French Cat Poems Through the Ages
  • Libido des Martiens
  • Mytunes : come salvare il mondo, una canzone alla volta
  • Oi ?
  • Shakespeare és Cervantes : Joan Miguel Sirvent, l’escritor emmascarat
  • O tempo da geração espontãna
  • Venise n’est pas en Italie
  • Venusiana entre Terrícolas
  • X
European Books and Authors You Will Never See in Print
by Prof. Jemapelle
  • Cuisine
    • Grieg Katumí: A Feta Accompli
    • Grieg Katumí: Moussaka to Me
    • Ruth Palat-Schinken: Crepes of Ruth.
    • Dahlia Telli and Dorda Lini: Never Met a Carb I Didn’t Like
  • How-To Books
    • I.M. Avisa-Garth: The Trick to Turning Tight Corners while Hanging Underneath a Galloping Horse
    • M.T. Bägg: How to Sack Rome: Paper or Plastic?
  • Literature
    • Don T. Allegory: Define “Comedy”
    • Cookie D. Hogg: Hamlet
    • J. Wolfpack Gerty: The Tragedie of Foist: A Pact with Meta-Strophes
    • Nikolai Google: The Schnozz
    • Warren Peese: Count Troll’s Toys
    • Hayley-Ann A. Tidd: Othering the “Stranger”
    • Madame de Steel: Ironing Napoleon’s Shorts… While He’s Still in Them
  • Mathematics
    • Tumin E. Ledderz: Relativdiagrammordinatenmaßstabsumrechnungsfaktorenverhältnisse
  • Politics
    • Waden D. Hofburg: An Index to Frustrating Austro-Hungarian Bureaucracies
    • Hugh Crane and Hugh Givínn: The Art of Putin’s Diplomacy
  • Travel
    • Clementine Andropov: Guide to the Eiffel Tower
    • Bertie Gogh: How Much Does the Matterhorn Matter?
    • Rett Rowe-Tripp: When Pushkin Comes to Shuvkin
    • Wanda Trudy West: The Occidental Tourist
  • Zoology
    • Don Keye-Hooty: DNA Similarities of Jackasses and Owls
Brigadoon History and Culture: The Top-Twelve Titles
by Yudó Piha, Professor of Brigadoon Studies, University of Avalon at Excalibur
  • The Founding of Brigadoon, by Caché d’Albion and Nadda Scott
  • Historical Geography of Doone, by Natawna Jeepy-Hess 
  • Highlights of the Brigadensian Renaissance, by May B. N. A. Zênjuri
  • Intraportal Military Strategies by Donek Szïst and Y. Skermiche
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Bolton D. Pourtale-Schutt
  • Social History of Immigration, by Luke A. Ghinn and Nottfer D. Laikza-Yu
  • The Lucky Few, by Truelove Tai-Ming
  • The Gene Kelly Era, by Justin A. Myuzikul
  • Brigadoon and Schmigadoon in NATO? by Tryan Fine-Dussatoll
  • The Rise and Fall of Brigadoon University, by P.H.D. Durth
  • Brigadensian and Avalonian Foreign Relations, by Ms. Tique and Allie 
  • Gohrick
  • Domestic Baking: Breads and Shortbreads, by Lorna Doone