Tributes to Rebecca Malek-Wiley

ESS Newsletter

2022, Vol 2

Dear Rebecca,

Speaking from experience, retirement can be a great change of pace!  After working for decades, it may seem guild-inducing to have no job to go to, no deadlines, no meetings.  But you have truly earned this day.

I particularly want to say that, on my bookshelf at home are all the issues of Reference Reviews Europe Annual (except for the rare first volume).  They remind me of those days of dedication to the cause, made possible through your indispensable contribution — your diverse subject perspectives, impressive knowledge, top-notch writing skill, and unwavering support.  You gave RREA something truly special!  Thank you, thank you.

From the other end of the Mississippi River, I send you heartiest congratulations, special greetings and best wishes for your new future!

Yours truly,

I met Rebecca Malek-Wiley when I first joined (W)ESS and was struck by both her kindness and knowledge. She has been a long-time member of the section, offering her experience and expertise in cataloging, collection development, and editing, to name a few of her many strengths. I have counted on her calm demeanor, intelligence, and thoughtfulness throughout, whether it has been in ESS, CIFNAL, program planning, or posing questions for her considered response.

As Principal Cataloguer at Tulane University, her contributions toward cataloging in European languages are many, including participation in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), contributing and upgrading BIBCO bibliographic records and NACO name, series, and other uniform title authority records, as well as SACO subject authority records. She has chaired the WESS Cataloging Discussion Group and contributed to that body in many other ways.  She also served on the GNARP Bibliographic Control Working Group and attended the First International Conference on Bibliographic Access in Europe.

My understanding of her depth of knowledge and editing expertise was first manifested as a contributor to Reference Reviews Europe, for which she was an editor. I was quickly reassured by her that I, even as a new librarian, could have valuable things to say and that she would assist me in my efforts. I grew to appreciate her general- and copy-editing as I submitted reviews that were made infinitely better by her additional work.

Rebecca has been involved in conference planning throughout her career, including the WESS Paris Program, the CIFNAL/GNARP Frankfurt Conference, and, most recently, the New Shape of Sharing, where she served on the general planning committee and also held two other roles : Proposal Review Group, Publicity & Documentation. Her leadership in WESS program planning was acknowledged in 2006, when, following a very important and insightful program in New Orleans, she was awarded the ACRL/WESS Certificate of Appreciation for extraordinary service.

She is the webmaster-mind behind significant bibliographies, based on WESS interests and programs :

Her reliability is outstanding, especially when considering the many duties that have been on her plate. When Rebecca commits to something, it is accomplished, by the deadline, and with finesse. And commit she does! She is more than willing to lead or help out with projects, giving them all of her energy and enthusiasm.

Everything she touches is improved and we as a section owe her much (and how much better this text would be had she edited it!). I wish Rebecca an outstanding and happy retirement.

André G. Wenzel