1999 Fall – New Publications of Note

WESS Newsletter

Vol. 23, No. 1 (Fall 1999)

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

RDH=Richard D. Hacken
RLK=Robert L. Kusmer
JKL=Jeffry K. Larson


Association interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’épistolaire – Nantes. Revue de l’AIRE = Bulletin de l’Association interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’épistolaire. Nantes: Université de Nantes, département de psychologie BP 1025, 44036 cedex No. 22, Printemps 1999, p. 68: Christophe Cave, trésorier de l’A.I.R.E., U.F.R. des lettres et sciences humaines, Université de Nantes, chemin de la Censive-du-Tertre, 44312 Nantes cedex 3; dépôt aux P.U.F., place de la Sorbonne. 30 cm. No. 1- (1988, fevr.-). Semiannual. ISSN 0993-1929; BNF Per. cote: 4-Jo-56160. $18 (North America).

  • Previously titled Bulletin de l’A.I.R.E., this current awareness journal provides brief summaries of colloquia, theses, and exhibits, as well as short articles on the epistolary genre, even fiction, critical reviews, announcements, and, most notably, a classed bibliography of editions and studies. JKL

Battesti, Jean-Pierre, & Chauvet, Jean-Charles. Tout Racine. Paris: Larousse, 1999. xxx, 663 p., 16 p. of plates: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 2035080142; LCCN 99222040. 250 FF.

  • A dictionary of Racine’s life, times, and associates, his work (with plot summaries, characters, themes), and its reception. Appendices include a chronology of Racine’s life, a genealogical tree, an index of characters’ names from his tragedies, a table of performances and performers, and a 7-page very selective classed bibliography. Confusingly arranged, this reader could not find the beginning of the article “Bienséances.” To be reviewed in RRE. JKL

Girard, Renaud, & Lazareff, Alexandre. Paris sucré: 240 adresses pour prendre le thé, déjeuner léger ou acheter gâteaux, glaces et chocolats. Ed. Paris: Hachette, c1996. 191 p.: ill. map; 20 cm. (Guides Hachettes) ISBN 2012424619. 89FF.

  • Where to have sweets with your sweetie in Paris. Arranged by arrondissement, entries are generally a page long. Includes sections listing all-night establishments and those offering le brunch, as well as indices: top-rated venues, take-out specialties, style, your companion, by quartier, and by name. JKL

Mandosio, Jean-Marc. L’effondrement de la très grande bibliothèque nationale de France: Ses causes, ses conséquences. Paris: Encyclopédie des nuisances, 1999. 129 p. ISBN 2910386104. 75 FRF

  • Why the TGBNF at Tolbiac doesn’t work, based on some internal documents. The publisher has also published a translation of the Unabomber’s manifesto.JKL


Cassirer, Ernst. Gesammelte Werke: Hamburger Ausgabe. Bd. 1. Leibniz’ System in seinen wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen. Ed. Birgit Recki; Text und Anmerkungen bearbeitet von Marcel Simon. Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag, 1998. 540 pp. ISBN 3787314066

  • This is the first of a projected 25-volume set of Cassirer’s collected works. Each volume includes an editorial report as well as indices and bibliographic listing of all works cited by Cassirer in the volume. RLK

Grammatik der deutschen Sprache / Gisela Zifonun, Ludger Hoffmann, Bruno Strecker ; und Joachim Ballweg … et al.. — Berlin ; New York : W. de Gruyter, 1997. 3 v. (xi, 2569 pp.), illus. (Schriften des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache ; Bd. 7 ). ISBN 3110147521.

  • A work of maturity almost a decade in the making, the scholars at the Institut für Deutsche Sprache have created a valuable monograph with theoretical depth, one aimed at the serious reader. Includes bibliographical references (p. 2479-2529 ) and indices. RLK

Philosophie der Gegenwart in Einzeldarstellungen, von Adorno bis v. Wright. Ed., J. Nida-Rhmelin. Kröners Taschenausgabe, Bd. 423. 2., akt. u. erw. Ausg. Stuttgart: Kröner, 1999. 820 pp. ISBN 3520423022.

  • Coverage of 156 American and European philosophers of the 20th century. Each signed article contains a biographical introduction, overview of the main currents of the philosopher’s works, critical reception, and bibliography. All entries for this 2nd edition have been updated, and articles on several new or omitted philosophers added. RLK

Lion Feuchtwanger: a bibliographic handbook. Vol. 1, German editions = Lion Feuchtwanger: ein bibliographisches Handbuch. Bd. 1, Deutschsprachige Ausgaben / ed. by John M. Spalek and Sandra H. Hawrylchak. München: Saur, 1998. 392 pp. ISBN 3598113781 (Bd. 1). Available only as set (ISBN 3598113773). DM 180 (set).

  • The first of 4 planned volumes which, when completed, will constitute the “first comprehensive documentation of Feuchtwanger’s writings.” Vol. 1 is a comprehensive descriptive bibliography of all German editions of Feuchtwanger’s independent publications, i.e., all publications excluding contributions in journals, newspapers and anthologies. This encompasses his novels, plays, essays, poetry and translations or adaptations of works by other authors. Represented are works published in Germany from 1905-1933 and after 1945, plus works published in exile from 1933-1945. This is thus a complete publishing history of all separate works in all their iterations of form and by all publishers. Organization of the volume is alphabetical by title, then by publisher. Each discrete entry contains a quasi-facsimile title page transcription and sections on collation, contents, typography and paper, press, binding, dust jacket, location of copies and additional notes. All notes are in English, while the introduction is in German and English. Includes name index. Of the forthcoming three volumes, vol. 2 will cover Feuchtwanger’s periodical contributions and translations and adaptations of his works by others, vol. 3 the secondary literature on Feuchtwanger and vol. 4 criticism and reviews of his individual works. RLK

Handbuch Lesen. Im Auftrag der Stiftung Lesen und der Deutschen Literaturkonferenz, herausgegeben von Bodo Franzmann et al., unter Mitarbeit von Georg Jäger, Wolfgang R. Langenbucher, Ferdinand Melichar. München: Saur, 1999. 690 pp., illus. ISBN 3598113277. DM 248.

  • Set against the backdrop of a contemporary society which is at once fueling a flourishing publishing industry and yet increasingly illiterate, this publication focuses on the culture of reading in the context of the culture of media within which it is situated, on Lesekultur vis-a-vis Medienkultur. It serves as a successor to the 1974 publication by Wolfgang Strauß, Lesen: ein Handbuch, while certainly going well beyond it in dealing with the impact of new media and digital contexts. Its 18 separately authored chapters cover such areas as the history of reading, sociological, psychological and neurobiological aspects of reading, electronic media, the relationship of author and public, censorship, book trade and libraries, political aspects of the culture of reading, promotion of reading, and other aspects; an “iconography of reading” is also included, with 41 reproductions of art works with the theme of reading. Each chapter includes an extensive bibliography (e.g., the chapter on the history of reading has a 27-page bibliography, that on the psychology of reading one of 16 pages). Includes topical and corporate index. RLK

Kürschners deutscher Literatur-Kalender 1998 (einundsechziger Jahrgang). Ed., Andreas Klimt. München: Saur, 1999. 2 vols. (1686 pp.). ISBN 359823581X. DM 598.

  • The well-known directory of the contemporary German-speaking literary scene, lapsed but now revived and published by Saur, provides coverage of nearly 15,000 writers in its 61st year. Each entry lists address, other biographical data (including memberships, literary awards and prizes) and bibliographies of all works of full or partial authorship, editorship or translation in all literary and media forms, plus limited secondary literature. Additionally, the Kalender contains many useful appendices: necrology since 1988; age and birthday of contemporary writers for 1999-2003 by calendar day; literary translators by language and alphabetically by name; belletristic publishers; stage publishers; literary agencies; radio broadcasting companies; German-language periodicals for furtherance and criticism of literature; newspapers with literary feuilletons; author and literary associations, academies, literary houses/offices; literary prizes and distinctions; and finally, an index of the writers by city. RLK

Goethe: Begegnungen und Gespräche. Bd. 6, 1806-1808. Ed., Renate Grumach. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 1999. 713 pp.: maps on lining papers. ISBN 3110128624.

  • A timely release in this long-developing set, which began in 1965 and whose last-published volume appeared in 1985. This rich source of primary material casts an often fascinating glimpse into Goethe from the multiple perspectives of those who came to know him in varying degrees. The inclusion of indexes for personal names and works as well as Goethe’s works make this more valuable. RLK

Into the sunset : anthology of nineteenth-century Austrian prose / selected and newly translated with a general introduction and author-specific prefaces by Richard Hacken. (Studies in Austrian literature, culture, and thought. Translation series). Riverside, Calif.: Ariadne Press, c1999. 455 pp. ISBN 1572410779.

  • In addition to the selections, the volume contains a substantial critical apparatus comprised of a ten-page introductory essay, “Austrian Prose of the Nineteenth Century,” 28 introductory pages on the individual authors and their works, plus explanatory biographical, geographical, cultural and linguistic footnotes throughout. This makes the work valuable as “more than just an anthology.” RDH/RLK

Displaced Books: Bücherrückgabe aus zweierlei Sicht. Beiträge und Materialien zur Bestandsgeschichte deutscher Bibliotheken im Zusammenhang von NS-Zeit und Krieg. Kühn-Ludewig, Maria (Hrsg.), für den Arbeitskreis kritischer BibliothekarInnen (Akribie). (Laurentius Sonderheft). Hannover: Laurentius Verlag, 1999. 99 pp., illus., facsims. ISBN 3-931614-48-4. DM 20.

  • Displaced Booksbrings the institution of the library into the emerging picture of social responsibility for wrongful acquisition of real and cultural property that has become a moral and legal issue in recent years, both within the contexts of the Nazi era and that of the East German communist period. Focusing on the World War II period, the contributions Kühn-Ludewig has assembled show the double-edged nature of the current issue of the return of library holdings to their original countries and/or owners: the notion of restoring to German libraries holdings currently in Eastern Europe led to coming to terms with the many books, “Geschenke,” expropriated from Jewish and other populations under Nazi control. Isolated efforts, such as that of the Bremer Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek to come to terms with the problem in its many complexities are described, and the book appends two questionnaires on the topic. The aggregate of contributions compiled here point in a positive way toward the ultimate benefit to be had if these efforts succeed: to retrospectively acknowledge a wrong and to correct it to the limited extent possible; beyond this, to show that the beaurocratic structures that led to injustices are now capable of good; finally, and not least, to focus on some of the treasures, the Kulturgüter, of a tragic period. Includes a bibliography of items from 1980-1998. RLK

Strauß, Ludwig. Gesammelte Werke in vier Bänden / herausgegeben von Tuvia Rübner und Hans Otto Horch. Göttingen: Wallstein, 1998- ISBN 3892442940 (v. 1), 3892442959 (v. 2), each @ DM 68.

  • With the publication of vol. 1 (Prosa und Übertragungen) and vol. 2 (Schriften zur Dichtung) of Strauß’ writings, a German-Jewish writer and critic of the 20th century largely unknown to Germanisten gains further recognition. These volumes include narrative sketches, novellas, aphorisms, as well as critical writings such as “Arbeiten zur Poetik und Literaturtheorie,” “Arbeiten zu Leben und Werk Friedrich Hölderlins” and “Vermischte Arbeiten zur Literatur.” Vol. 2 contains a substantial critical appendix, including an index of names and works. RLK

Wrocklage, Ute. Fotografie und Holocaust : annotierte Bibliographie. (Verzeichnisse, Nr. 2) Frankfurt am Main: Fritz Bauer Institut, 1998. 96pp. DM 10.

  • Descriptive bibliography of 254 works (deemed significant from 2,500 considered) divided into the following categories: Hilfsmittel, Bücher und Broschüren, Zeitschriften, Bild-Postkarteneditionen and Mappenwerke. Includes indexes for authors, photographers and places.

Beruf Schriftstellerin: schreibende Frauen im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Herausgegeben von Karin Tebben. (Sammlung Vandenhoeck). Göttingen: Vandenhoeck, 1998. 339 pp., ports. ISBN 3525012225.

  • Portraits of ten writers: those generally known — Sophie von La Roche, Sophie Mereau-Brentano, Ricarda Huch — and those little known — Johanna Isabella Eleonore von Wallenrodt, Therese Huber, Fanny Tarnow, Fanny Lewald, Luise Mühlbach, Eugenie Marlitt, Gabriele Reuter. Of these, Reuter and Huch reached literary fruition in the 20th century. Individually authored essays with bibliographic references and illustrations (portraits). RLK

Schiller-Handbuch. Herausgegeben von Helmut Koopmann in Zusammenhang mit der Deutschen Schillergesellschaft Marbach. Stuttgart: Kröner, 1998. 966 pp. ISBN 3520830019.

  • This is a densely packed volume of essays by numerous scholars on all aspects of Schiller study: the biographical/social context; the cultural tradition setting; Schiller’s opus: aesthetics, lyric poetry, drama, philosophical writings; and finally, reception of Schiller, capped by Koopmann’s lengthy history of Schiller research spanning the years 1950-1996. Each essay is accompanied by a bibliography. Includes indexes of persons, Schiller’s works, and topics. RLK

Zierden, Josef with Sigfrid Gauch. Literatur-Lexikon Rheinland-Pfalz. (Literarisches Programm, 58). 1. Aufl. Frankfurt am Main: Brandes & Apsel, 1998. ISBN 3860994581.

  • While the only other literary encyclopedia of the Rhineland-Palatinate, Literarisches Rheinland-Pfalz heute, edited by Goldmann, Grube and Hempel, covered 280 writers, Zierden has expanded and updated the coverage considerably to include ca. 480 living authors, as well as concentrated the focus on belles-lettres. Well-acquainted with the current literary life of the Rheinland-Palatinate through his editorial work on the Rheinland-Pfälzische Jahrbücher für Literatur and Trier literary festivals and forums, Zierden is in a position to “take its pulse.” Each article includes not only standard bio-bibliographical data but also terse representations of the salient points of content in the author’s work. RLK

Bernecker, Roland. Die “idéologie” in Italien: eine kommentierte Bibliographie zur Sprachtheorie der Spätaufklärung. Münster: Nodus Publikationen, c1997. 245 p.; 22 cm. (Studium Sprachwissenschaft, ISSN 0721-7129; Bd. 13) ISBN 3893230130; LCCN 98188332. DEM 69.

  • This heavily annotated bibliography on the philosophy of language in early 19th-century Italy is arranged by format (books, articles, book reviews, selected translations) and then chronologically within each chapter. Includes an index of personal names. JKL


Bibliografía de lingüística general y española, 1964-1990. Vol. IV. Eds. Valerio Báez San José … et al.. Alcalá de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Alcalá, 1998. 674 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8481382973. Ptas.

  • A continuation of the work (LCCN: 95235069) noted in our Spring 1996, Fall 1997, and Spring 1998 issues. Contains 14,368 unannotated classed citations in the fields of semantics, lexicology, lexicography, and speech. No index in this volume. JKL

Cabello, Fernando. El mercado de revistas en España: Concentración informativa. Barcelona: Ariel, 1999. 598 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Ariel Comunicación) ISBN 8434412764. 3600 ptas.

  • Well-documented statistical survey, with tables and graphs, of the economics and readership of largely popular Spanish reviews. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with reviews by subject class. Literary and scholarly reviews are not covered in depth, as they do not report their circulation for advertising purposes. Includes a 5-page bibliography and an index of review titles. JKL

Catálogo de Manuscritos de la Biblioteca Nacional con poesía en castellano de los siglos 16 y 17. Dirección de Pablo Jauralde Pou… Madrid: Arco Libros, 1998. 5 v.; 25 cm. ISBN 8476353170 (obra completa). 10,920 ptas/vol.

  • A major catalog of Golden Age poetry in manuscripts at the Biblioteca Nacional. Entries include references to editions and secondary literature. Vol. 5 consists of indices by metrical form, author, and first line. JKL

Diccionari de freqüències 2: llengua literària; Cover: “Corpus textual informatitzat de la llengua catalana.” director, Joaquim Rafel i Fontanals. Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Catalans, 1998. 1367 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8472833321 (obra completa); ISBN 8472834093 (v. 2); LCCN: 97177246. 6000 ptas.

  • Lists of Catalan words from literary texts in the following orders: alphabetical, by frequency, by index of dispersion, and by use, followed by alphabetical lists of principal and secondary lemmas. Introduction in Catalan. Based on a sub-corpus of 1011 titles which are listed in both alphabetical and chronological order. The introduction to vol. 1: Llengua no literària (not seen; accompanied by a CD-ROM and user’s manual) describes the entire corpus and the criteria of treatment. JKL

Gómez-Bravo, Ana M. Repertorio métrico de la poesía cancioneril del siglo 15 basado en los textos del Cancionero del siglo 15 de Brian Dutton. Alcalá de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, 1998. 740 p.; 30 cm. (Poetria Nova. Serie Maior; 1) ISBN 8481382787. 12,000 ptas.

  • A catalog of metric forms of 15th-century Spanish cancionero poetry based on Brian Dutton’s 1990-1991 bibliography/index/edition, El Cancionero del Siglo XV (Balay BE1477). Each entry includes the rhyme scheme and metric scheme of each strophe, adding the author’s name, the poem’s first line, its Dutton key number, etc. Entries are arranged in hierarchical order according to the number of verses, rhyme scheme, and metric scheme. Includes indices of first lines, authors, Dutton key numbers, and rhymes. JKL

Guia das fundações portuguesas = Portuguese foundations guide. 3. ed. actualizada. Lisboa: Centro Português de Fundações, 1996. 375 p.; 21 cm. ISBN (invalid) 97299727406; ISSN 0872-2102; LCCN 97227303. $35.00.

  • A bilingual directory of some 300 Portuguese foundations that provides, beyond address information, the founders’ names, dates of registry, statutory bodies, purposes, prizes, fellowships, initial and current capital, recent income and expenditures, and staff size. The entries are in order of the foundations’ exact names (Quick, remember Gulbenkian’s forename?) and the index merely repeats this order. In appendix are lists of foundations by date of official registry and by municipality, a graphic overview of foundations’ measurable parameters, a listing of the applicable parts of the civil code, a list of about 110 other foundations (including addresses), a list of chairpersons of covered foundations, and lists of foundations that have ceased and of those that are in formation. JKL

Informe de literatura 1997. Centro “Ramón Piñeiro” para a Investigación en Humanidades: a literatura galega no 1997 e a súa recepció. Ed. Blanca-Ana Roig Rechou. Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galicia, 1998. 765 p.: ill.; 28 cm. Accompanied by a CD-ROM. ISBN 8445322753. 7020 ptas.

  • A classed, annotated bibliography of Gallegan literature and literary studies for 1997, whose previous volumes were annotated in our Spring 1997 and Fall 1998 issues. This number comes accompanied by a CD-ROM that includes the text of the Informes of 1995, 1996, and 1997 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (requires a 486 processor or higher, 16 MB of RAM, Windows 95, and a screen with a resolution of 800×600 or better); set-up instructions in Gallegan. JKL

Pautas: boletín informativo de la Asociación de Revistas Culturales de España. Madrid: La Asociación, 199?-. ill. ; 31 cm. LCCN: sn9435404. 600 ptas.

  • A bulletin of an association of Spanish cultural reviews. No. 18 (invierno 1998), a 32-page issue, treats theater reviews (pp. 2-18) and contains a classed 5-page directory of associated reviews, some of which are not in RLIN. The frequency is unknown. JKL

Pelayo, Jorge. Bibliografia portuguesa de cinema: uma viãso cronológica e analítica. Lisboa: Cinemateca Portuguesa, 1998. 371 p.: ill.; 31 cm. ISBN 9726191181. $60.

  • A second, updated and revised edition of the author’s 1985 chronological catalog of books, pamphlets, series, and periodicals about cinema published in Portugal. (Does not index periodical articles.) Includes generous annotations and indices of authors and monographic titles. JKL

Portugal 45-95 nas artes, nas letras e nas ideias. Lisboa: Centro nacional de cultura, 1998. 340 p.; ill., some col.; 31 cm. ISBN 9729650748. $90.00.

  • Twelve chapters by as many hands provide surveys of selected aspects of Portuguese culture of the last half century, including literature, cinema and the other arts and sciences, and the press. Includes a chronology and an index of names. JKL


N.B. The first three annotations, marked with a *, were incorrectly printed or deleted from the Spring 1999 issue. The editor regrets the error.

Devoto, Giacomo, & Oli, G. C. Nuovissimo vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana. Firenze: Le Monnier; Milano: Selezione dal Reader’s digest, 1997. 2 v. (xxxi, 3544 p., 136 p. of plates): ill. (some col.); 29 cm. (Edizioni di Selezione dal Reader’s Digest. Grandi opere) Contents: v. 1. A/L — v. 2. M/Z. ISBN 8870452107; LCCN: 99160469. L189,000.

  • A standard pulpit dictionary, a revision of Vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana, 1967, and Nuovissimo vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana, 1987 (Balay AC525/Walton6 3:5761), as well as based on the authors’ Dizionario della lingua italiana, 1990, 1995 (noted in our Spring 1996 issue). Entries include definitions, pronunciation, morphology, etymology, and occasional illustrative quotations sourced by author. Includes a list of colored plates. Appendices cover abbreviations, symbols, units of measurement, and nation states. JKL

L’enciclopedia della letteratura. Eds. Marco Drago, Andrea Boroli. Novara: De Agostini, c1997. 1182 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Compact) ISBN 8841539763; LCCN 98187608. L59,000.

  • A popular encyclopedia of largely European and American literatures, with excursions to other continents. Brief unsigned articles cover authors, movements, periods, national literatures, anonymous works, literary terms, reviews, and prizes. Brief excerpts from canonical critics grace about 75 of the articles. Includes cross references. The index of literary titles includes brief discussions of major works. A short section outlines the principal themes in literature (eros, travel, family, war, etc.). A short bibliography lists general works; other bibliographical references are embedded in the entries. JKL

Grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana. 1998. Garzanti italiano On cover: “Con sinonimi e contrari.” Ed. Pasquale Stoppelli. Milano: Garzanti, c1998. xxiii, 2598 p., 109 p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. Accompanied by a CD-ROM: Minidizionario visual Digita Garzanti Natura e ambiente. (Grandi dizionari Garzanti) ISBN 8811102049. L112,000.

  • A revision of the Grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana (1987, 1993; Walford6 v.3/#5763), offering 200,000 terms and acceptions, 2000 recent neologisms, 55,000 etymologies, 6000 author quotations, 110 black-and-white or color plates, 63 nomenclature tables, and 52 grammatical insets. Entries offer pronunciation, secondary forms, grammatical category, phono-morphological indications, usage indicators, definitions, examples, derivatives, synonyms and antonyms. In appendix: Latin quotations and proverbs, prefixes, suffixes and formative elements, symbols and abbreviations, elements, and illustrative plates (e. g., showing soccer formations). The CD-ROM, which runs under either Windows or Macintosh without prior installation, includes 115 illustrative tables with references to the Grande dizionario Garzanti, a basic grammar, and word games. JKL

Bernecker, Roland. Die “idéologie” in Italien: eine kommentierte Bibliographie zur Sprachtheorie der Spätaufklärung. Münster: Nodus Publikationen, c1997. 245 p.; 22 cm. (Studium Sprachwissenschaft, ISSN 0721-7129; Bd. 13) ISBN 3893230130; LCCN 98188332. DEM 69.

  • This heavily annotated bibliography on the philosophy of language in early 19th-century Italy is arranged by format (books, articles, book reviews, selected translations) and then chronologically within each chapter. Includes an index of personal names. JKL

Catalogo dei premi letterari italiani. A cura di Maria Pia Martignoni. Milano: Bibliografica, 1999. 587 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8870755215. L70000.

  • An alphabetical, then classed directory of Italian literary prizes; an expanded revision of earlier editions annotated in our Fall 1992 & Spring 1996 issues. Now includes an index of names and of ceased prizes. JKL

Cortelazzo, Manlio, & Marcato, Carla. I dialetti italiani: dizionario etimologico. Torino: UTET, c1998. xli, 723 p.; 31 cm. (La nostra lingua) ISBN 8802052115; LCCN: 99169308. L220,000.

  • A revised, much augmented edition of the authors’ 1992 Dizionario etimologico dei dialletti italiani (Balay AC537). The principles of selection of the terms treated are set forth in the Introduction. The primary sources are lexicons and linguistic atlases. Entries indicate each term’s grammatical category, geographical distribution, and brief definition before offering the etymology and, occasionally, briefly sourced quotations. Includes a 27-page bibliography, a list of literary authors cited, an index of terms by dialect, and an index of terms mentioned in the entries. JKL

Dizionario del cinema italiano: gli attori. Roberto Chiti … et al.. Roma: Gremese, c1998. 544 p.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8877422610; LCCN: 99232795. L60,000.
Dizionario del cinema italiano: le attrici. Roberto Chiti … et al.. Roma: Gremese, 1999. 368 p. .: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8877423420; LCCN: 99513983. L L60,000.

  • Brief signed biographies and filmographies of Italian film actors and actresses. These unnumbered volumes form part of a major encyclopedia of Italian film first annotated in our Fall 1994 issue. The volume for directors was published in 1993 (LCCN: 94160285). Volume 4 of the section on films, covering the decade of the seventies, is in 2 parts; volume 5, covering the eighties, is NYP. LC does not catalog this Dizionario as a set. JKL

Dizionario dello spettacolo del ‘900. a cura di Felice Cappa e Piero Gelli; caporedattore, Marco Mattarozzi. Milano: Baldini & Castoldi, 1998. x, 1315 p.; 26 cm. (Le boe; 24) ISBN 8880892959. L100,000.

  • International in coverage, this desk encyclopedia covers theater, dance, reviews, varieties, musicals, cabaret, circus, performance art, etc., but not film. Articles signed by Italian contributors treat relevant names, places, and themes. Bibliographical references are embedded in the articles. Contains a 130-page chronology; cross references, no index. JKL

Fulgheri, Ennio. Manuale del cinema italiano. Milano: Swan, 1998. 335 p.; 21 cm. (Collana “Manuale Swan”) ISBN 8886464150. L48,000.

  • A concise encyclopedia of Italian film. After an historical survey, there are selective brief entries on films (arranged by period), directors, actors, and actresses. Includes directories of museums, archives, schools, festivals, bookstores, and other addresses, plus a list of reviews and a 22-page bibliography. JKL

Guida ragionata ai periodici italiani: 1998. a cura di Bea Marin. Milano: La Rivisteria-Strumenti Editoriali, 1998. v, 409 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 8886090056 : L135,000.

  • “Catalogue of over 5000 periodicals published in Italy or in the Italian language, including titles which have ceased publication, organized in alphabetical order with bibliographical information, brief abstracts of contents and contacts for each entry” Casalini blurb. Contains indices of subjects and publishers. Previous edition was 1993(?). JKL

Zaccaria, Giuseppe, & Benussi, Cristina. Per studiare la letteratura italiana: strumenti e metodi. Torino: Paravia scriptorium, 1999. 186 p.; 21 cm. (Manuali) ISBN 8839583149. L20,000.

  • A rapid survey of the major tools and approaches in the study of Italian literature. The first chapter discusses bibliographic resources; other chapters list principal collections of texts and reviews. Bibliographic references embedded in the chapters; no index. JKL