2007 Fall – New Publications of Note

WESS Newsletter

Fall 2007, Vol. 31, No. 1

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
RLK = Robert L. Kusmer


Annuaire professionnel de la bande dessinée et de l’illustration. Edition 2007: cover sub-title: Éditeurs BD. Éditeurs para-BD. Auteurs BD. Fabrication. Diffusion et distribution. Librairies et galeries BD. Festivals et salons BD. Presse BD. Journalistes et essayistes BD. Sociétés de conseil. Écoles et formations. Institutions et syndicats. Paris: Ad tatum, 2007. 257 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9782952816908: € 80
A classed directory of the Francophone (mostly Hexagonal) comics sector, covering the categories indicated in the sub-title. Contains 15 pages of display ads and an “agenda” of projected publication dates and festivals, but no index. A 2008 edition is announced. JKL
Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini. No. 28: Alduy, Cécile. Maurice Scève. 2006. 260 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886609477: € 48
Another installment in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also our Spring 2000, Fall 2001 and 2002, Spring 2003, and Fall 2006 issues). Includes indices of keywords, outstanding studies, theses, authors of book reviews, and authors and translators. The series editors’ preface is dated 1997. JKL
Bertaud du Chazaud, Henri. Dictionnaire de synonymes, mots de sens voisin et contraires. Paris: Gallimard, 2007. 1933 p.; 21 cm. (Quarto) ISBN 9782070785179: € 30
Previously noted in our Fall 2003 issue, the new edition of a soft-bound dictionary of synonyms and related terms including 60,000 entries and a million synonyms, related terms and phrases, according to the back-cover blurb. Entries indicate the part of speech and synonyms, with cross-references to other entries. Includes an 8-page bibliography. The author was responsible for several editions of dictionaries of synonyms for Robert. JKL
Bertrand, Georges A. Dictionnaire étymologique des mots français venant de l’arabe, du turc et du persan. Paris: Harmattan, 2007. 149 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9782296032361: € 14.50
A dictionary of some 550 French terms deriving from Arabic, Turkish, or Persian. Entries give part of speech and etymology, but no illustrative quotations. Includes a 2-page bibliography. JKL
Boussinot, Roger. Synonymes, analogies et antonymes. Nouvelle édition de Jean Pruvost. Paris: Bordas, 2007. 956 p.; 24 cm. (Dictionnaire Bordas) ISBN 9782047322826: € 19.90
A new edition of a popular dictionary of synonyms, etc., giving lists of related terms under each entry. Includes a classed thesaurus of topics as means of access to the entries. JKL
Capitaine, Jean-François. Le fameux dictionnaire des chansons d’hier et d’autrefois. Paris: Scali, 2007. 441 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9782350121345: € 26
A famous(?) popular dictionary of historical songs and associated matters that is difficult to describe… Includes a 2-page bibliography and an index of names and titles. JKL
Cariguel, Olivier. Panorama des revues littéraires sous l’occupation: Juillet 1940-Août 1944. Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe: IMEC. Institut mémoires de l’édition contemporaine, 2007. 603 p.; 24 cm. (Inventaires) ISBN 9782908295849: € 29
A catalog of 84 revues published in occupied France and elsewhere, some legal, some clandestine. Entries provide publishing and literary information, followed by tables of contents. Includes a section on revues that did not appear, an 8-page bibliography, and an index of personal names. JKL
Cave, Terence; Jeanneret, Michel, eds. La muse sacrée: Anthologie de la poésie spirituelle française, 1570-1630. Paris : Corti, 2007. 303 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9782714309419: € 20
An anthology of early modern or baroque French religious poetry arranged by theme. Includes 20 pages of notes and a 16-page bibliography. JKL
Desfeuilles, Pierre; & Lilti, Anne-Marie. Rimes et sonorités cover sub-title: Un répertoire complet des rimes les plus rares aux plus contemporaines. Nouv. éd. Paris: Bordas, 2007. 448 p.; 24 cm.(Dictionnaire Bordas) ISBN 9782047322178: € 18
An updated edition of a classic dictionary of rhymes (original edition: 1925, reprinted tel quel through 2004). Retains Desfeuilles’ “Petit traité de versification française”. The back-cover blurb claims this book is “indispensable … pour slamer”! JKL
Di Folco, Philippe. Les grandes impostures littéraires: Canulars, escroqueries, supercheries, et autres mystifications. Paris: Ecriture, 2006. 355 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 9782909240701: € 21
A selective dictionary of mostly recent literary hoaxes, arranged by perpetrator (when known) or by supposed author. Concludes with a “Petit guide à l’usage des futurs imposteurs” and a 16-page classsed bibliography, but no index. JKL
Dictionnaire du roman populaire francophone. Ed. Daniel Compère. Paris: Nouveau monde, 2007. 490 p.: xxxii p. of pl.; 25 cm. ISBN 9782847362695: € 39
The 500 signed articles on genre fiction from France, Belgium, and Québec cover the major authors, characters, publishers, series, illustrators, and subgenres, and often are followed by very brief bibliographic references. But no-sex-please-we’re-French: the article “Gai (roman)” is about humorous fiction, and nothing on erotica was found. Includes an 8-page bibliography, a chronology, and indices of authors to which an article is dedicated, publishers’ series, articles on subgenres, and characters. JKL
Dontchev, Dontcho. Dictionnaire du français en liberté: Français argotique, populaire et familier. Montpellier: Editions singulières, 2007. 525 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9782354780043: € 22
Revised, augmented 3rd(?) edition of a fairly comprehensive glossary of almost 11,000 contemporary French slang or familiar terms, whose 2000 edition was noted in our Fall 2000 issue. Entries indicate grammatical categories and standard equivalents with unsourced illustrative examples, but seldom give etymologies or dates. Includes a one-page bibliography and an index of standard French equivalents. JKL
Gagliardi, Emmanuelle; & Montay, Wally. Guide des clubs et réseaux au féminin. Paris: Cherche midi, 2007. 261 p.; 23 cm. (Guides) ISBN 9782749110073: € 20
A classed, annotated directory of over 200 French groups, networks, and events by, of, or for la femme over-bookée. Includes an index of the names of groups, etc. JKL
Gaignault, Fabrice. Dictionnaire de littérature à l’usage des snobs, et -surtout- de ceux qui ne le sont pas: Lexique indispensable de connaissance littéraire pointue. Paris: Scali, 2007. 222 p.; ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 9782350121499: € 22
To be or not to be a snob, that is the question. But in the meantime you can savor the tidbits in this name-dropping guide to mainly Franco-American cult figures and venues, some of them quite contemporary, though it (mis)translates Wilde’s adage, “When good Americans die they go to Paris”. Includes occasional cross-references, but, heavens, no bibliography or index. Order your desk copy now. JKL
Girodet, Jean. Dictionnaire des pièges et difficultés de la langue française. Paris: Bordas, 2007. 1087 p.; 24 cm. (Dictionnaire Bordas) ISBN 9782047322819: € 26
An expanded edition of a normative dictionary (previous edition: 2000) of 2400 problem terms and phrases, giving guidance for spelling, pronunciation, or usage. In appendix: conjugation tables and a grammar/style guide. JKL
Guemriche, Salah. Dictionnaire des mots français d’origine arabe, et turque et persane: Accompagné d’une anthologie littéraire, 400 extraits d’auteurs français, de Rabelais, à Houellebecq. Paris: Seuil, 2007. 877 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9782020932691: € 35
A dictionary of 386 French terms deriving from Arabic, Turkish, or Persian, with 2 pages for each one. Entries provide part of speech, etymology, and extensive illustrative quotations with sources. Includes a 36-page bibliography. JKL
Histoire de la littérature française du XIXe siècle. Alain Vaillant, Jean-Pierre Bertrand et Philippe Régnier. 2e éd. actualisée. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2007. 642 p.; 21 cm. (Histoire de la littérature française du moyen âge à nos jours) ISBN 9782753503359: € 24
A literary history for the advanced secondary level (in France) that aims to “articulate in a convergent way a socio-intellectual history of the century and the study of the most important figures” (back-cover blurb). Chapters on the literary background alternate with clusters of studies on individual authors, the latter comporting selected bibliographies. Includes a 40-page, 6-column general chronology, an 11-page classed general bibliography, and indices of 19th-century persons and literary titles. Five other volumes in the series, directed by Prof. Jean Rohou, have been published since 2000. JKL
Jalons pour un dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires de langue française des pays du Maghreb. Ed. Ambroise Kom. Paris: Harmattan, 2006. 418 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2296016987: € 29
A complement of the editor’s Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires de langue française en Afrique au sud du Sahara (1983-1996, repr. 1996-7, 2001), this dictionary offers signed articles, typically 2 pages long, of literary works by Maghreb authors. Includes indices of authors covered, contributors, genres, and titles. No bibliographical apparatus. JKL
Joubert, Bernard. Dictionnaire des livres et journaux interdits par arrêtés ministériels de 1949 à nos jours. Paris: Cercle de la librairie, 2007. 1213 p.; ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 9782765409519: € 70
Based on official documents, a catalog of 6900 books and periodicals that were–and are–banned in France from sale, display, or advertising on grounds of threatening the morals of young readers, excluding publications suppressed for other reasons, e. g., political, as in the case of Henri Alleg’s La Question. Arranged alphabetically by title (sometimes including the initial article), entries cite the date of administrative action, the issue of Le Journal Officiel, give publishing details (true and false), and summarize the censurable elements; entries for monographs are typically very brief, but the entries for magazines can extend to several pages. Besides 4900 black-and-white thumbnail reproductions of soft-core covers, includes cross-references, chronologies, lists of members of the Commission de surveillance, the texts of the laws, and an index of names and titles. JKL
Krémer, Jean-Pierre; & Pozzuoli, Alain. Le dictionnaire de la censure. Paris: Scali, 2007. 556 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 9782350121338: € 26
An international encyclopedia of censorship focussing on recent figures, cases, and occasionally agents of same. Skimpily documented, with articles citing at most articles in other encyclopedias. Includes a directory of organizations and a 3-page bibliography; no index. Some articles are out of alphabetical order. JKL
La Croix, Guillaume de. Laissez-moi sortir la France de ce mauvais pas: Mes 101 propositions. Paris: Privé, 2007. 221 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 9782350760667: € 14
On the occasion of the 2007 presidential electoral campaign in the Hexagon, a series of modest proposals: e. g., #20: “Vendre la France aux Américains”. By the author of Tom Cruise m’a volé ma vie: Roman. JKL
Un laboratoire de littératures: Littérature numérique et internet. Ed. Serge Bouchardon. Paris: Bibliothèque publique d’information/Centre Georges Pompidou, 2007. 262 p.; 23 cm.(Etudes et recherche) ISBN 9782842461041: € 26
A description of the domain of electronic literature in France, and a presentation of collective efforts. Includes lists of web sites, archives, e-journals, and individual works. JKL
Maurel-Indart, Hélène. Plagiats, les coulisses de l’écriture. Paris: La Différence, 2007. 282 p.; 23 cm. (Les essais; 52) ISBN 9782729116965: € 25
An analysis of historical and contemporary cases of plagiarism. In appendix are tables confronting the pairs of texts under consideration. Includes a 4-page bibliography and an index of names and titles. JKL
Moraton, Gilles. Le lithophage et autres portraits: Essai de typologie impertinente des usagers des bibliothèques publiques. Saint-Estève: Presses littéraires, 2006. 53 p.; 19 cm. ISBN 9782350731315: € 8
For your librarian fiction shelf, a collection of thumbnail portraits—all fictional, bien sûr—of problem patrons. In the title story, the librarian-narrator is shushed by a timid reader who wishes to meet the jeune fille who is ingesting scrapings from off the library walls. Concludes with a disclaimer and an invitation to readers to write some portraits of librarians. By the author, a librarian in Béziers, of La promiscuité des vaches est mauvaise pour la santé des jeunes filles, a title so delectable I had to order it. JKL
Muriel, André. Safêlivre: Guide des salons et fêtes du livre. Vitry: Oie plate indépendant de l’édition pour les auteurs très exigeants, 2007. 304 p.; 30 cm. (Poids lourd) ISBN 9782916082035: € 43
Latest edition of an evaluative directory of more than 508 French and 49 international book fairs (but none in Rome, Turin, or Portugal); the previous edition (from a different publisher) was noted in our Fall 2002 issue. Includes a list of book-oriented organizations and of suspended or ceased fairs, and indices by city, name of fair, genre or sector, département or country, month, by number of visitors, and by prizes awarded. JKL
Le roman français contemporain. Thierry Guichard, Christine Jérusalem, Boniface Mongo-Mboussa… et al.. Paris: CulturesFrance, 2007. 147 p.; 26 cm. (Panoramas) ISBN 9782354760021: € 20
Published by an “opérateur” of the Ministère des Affaires Étrangères and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, this survey of strands of recent fiction in French presents essays by 5 academic or publishing experts. Each chapter concludes with a selection of 100 novels; the volume concludes with a 3-page critical bibliography. JKL
Sanaker, John Kristian; Holter, Karin; Skattum, Ingse. La francophonie: une introduction critique. Oslo: Unipub forlag, Oslo academic press, 2006. 277 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8274772202: $58.08
A geographically arranged survey of the social, political, literary, but especially linguistic contexts of extra-Hexagonal French-speaking cultures. Each chapter concludes with a selective bibliography. JKL
Soccavo, Lorenzo. Gutenberg 2.0: Le futur du livre: Six siècles après Gutenberg une nouvelle révolution va changer votre façon de lire…. Paris: MM2, 2007. 167 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 2916260064: € 25
An enthusiastic Gallic view of the e-book, e-ink, and e-paper, etc. Has its own vidéoblog: http://www.nouvolivractu.cluster21.com/. In appendix: a classified list of relevant blogs and web site, and an index (no mention of Jeanneney). JKL
Spitters, Thomas. Vocabulaire général de la littérature française du XXe siècle. Nantes: Pleins feux, 2007. 285 p.; 24 cm. (Horizons littéraires) ISBN 9782847290547: € 25
A dictionary offering brief biographies of selected 20th-century French authors and glosses on some of the more rarified terms found in their texts. Lexical entries give part of grammar, date, definition, and illustrative quotations sourced as to author only. No bibliography or index. JKL


Cassidy, Daniel. How the Irish invented slang: the secret language of the crossroads. Petrolia, Calif.: Counter Punch; Edinburgh: AK, c2007. xix, 303 p.: ill.; 23 cm. ISBN 9781904859604: $18.95
Dedicated to rebutting Mencken’s contention that “The Irish … gave American… very few words…” A 73-page study is followed by “A Dictionary of Irish-American Vernacular” whose entries are arranged by the slang term followed by the Gaelic etymon, along with sourced illustrative quotations. Includes an index of names and titles. JKL


Kant-Bibliographie 1896-1944 / begründet von Rudolf Malter; herausgegeben von Margit Ruffing, unter Mitarbeit von Paul Natterer. Veröffentlichungen der Kant-Forschungsstelle am Philosophischen Seminar der Universität Mainz. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, c2007. 427 pp. ISBN 9783465034438. € 89
The companion volume to the Kant-Bibliographie 1945-1990 (Klostermann, 1999), this volume, containing 6,200 citations, enumerates the research beginning with the first issue of Kant-Studien. Indexes of authors, reviewers, translators, mentioned persons, title keywords and titles of Kant’s works provide various access points to the chronologically arranged content. RLK
Schädel, Mirko. Illustrierte Bibliographie der Kiriminalliteratur 1796-1945 im deutschen Sprachraum / unter Mitwirkung von Robert N. Bloch. Butjadingen: Achilla Presse Verlagsbuchhandlung, 2006. 2 vols. : col. illus. ISBN 392839892X. € 220.
A fine accomplishment both as a bibliography and as a contribution to the illustrated history of the genre. Every other page of this pleasingly printed and bound set contains from one to four color reproductions of the illustrated covers of selected titles cited on the facing page. The 8,981 citations cover detective and mystery fiction both originally in German as well as works translated into German. The author’s birth and death dates, pseudonyms, and in selected cases a capsule biographical note are provided, and the citations include imprint, extent of item, series data, and original title for translated works. An index of titles to authors, and an especially appealing illustrated index of series with their titles is located at the end of vol. 2. RLK
Kühn-Ludewig, Maria. Jiddische Bücher aus Berlin, 1918-1936: Titel, Personen, Verlage. Nümbrecht: Kirsch Verlag, 2006. 228 pp.: ill. ISBN 3933586453. € 23.50
Librarian Kühn-Ludewig has captured a slice of Jewish life in Berlin between the world wars in this bio-bibliographic “snapshot” covering roughly 300 books and broschures. Going beyond the confines of typical bibliographies, her work also includes holding libraries for each title, and separate sections for authors and publishers. A sprinkling of facsimile covers and title pages awaits the reader, as does a substantial introduction, source bibliography and combined name and topic index. RLK
Biester, Björn and Dieter Wutke. Aby M. Warburg-Bibliographie, 1996 bis 2005: mit Annotationen und Nachträgen zur Bibliographie 1866 bis 1995. Bibliotheca bibliographica aureliana, 213. Baden-Baden: Koerner, 2007.
ISBN 3873207133. € 88
A continuation of and supplement to its predecessor volume, with 1,320 citations for the period 1996-August 2006 and over 50 pages of supplemental citations in the coverage period 1866-1995. RLK
Deutsches Wörterbuch: auf der Grundlage der neuen amtlichen Rechtschreibregeln / bearbeitet von der Dudenredaktion. Der kleine Duden, Bd. 1. 7., vollständig überarbeitete und aktualisierte Aufl. 499 pp. ISBN 3411046678. € 9.95.
A revision and slight expansion of the 2004 edition, incorporating over 47,000 terms, many defined and the rest entered to clarify orthographic correctness. Numerous shaded boxes delve into the details of more complex terms and their applications. RLK
Blöchl, Josef. Herbert Rosendorfer: eine Bibliographie. München: self-published, 2006. 96 pp. € 20.50.
An enumerative primary and secondary bibliography, with name and title indexes and a biographical chronology.
Schuler, Karl-Heinz. Alfred Schuler Bibliographie. München: Telesma, 2006. 180 pp. ISBN 3981005724 (pbk.). € 24.80
Coverage for works published 1891-2006 on the minor German gnostic who yet influenced several prominent German authors, including George.
Lexikon der Vornamen. 5., völlig neu bearbeitete Aufl. / von Rosa und Volker Kohlheim. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, c2007. 480 pp.: ports. ISBN 3411049456 (pbk.). € 9.95.
Origin and meaning of over 8,000 given names, including 2,000 newly added entries from foreign languages and cultures. Includes nicknames. Numerous indexes provide access to Biblical names, male and female names, mythology, popularity, etc. Several “info-boxes” spotlight topical aspects. Bibliography provided. RLK
Duden: das große Buch der Zitate und Redewendungen CD-ROM. 2., überarbeitete und aktualisierte Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2007. 896 pp. : ill. (some col.). ISBN 3411718021. € 39.95.
Over 15,000 quotations and figures of speech from classical and modern times, enlivened through the inclusion of 250 illustrations. The inclusion of the fully searchable CD-ROM adds a dimension of value to this new edition. RLK
Cardelle de Hartmann, Carmen. Lateinische Dialoge, 1200-1400: literaturhistorische Studie und Repertorium. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2007. xxx, 823 p.; 25 cm. (Mittellateinische Studien und Texte; Bd. 37) ISBN: 9004160337 $199.00
A survey and inventory of 119 dialogues in Latin 1200-1400 (some still unedited). Entries give titles, incipits, explicits, authorial information, date, textual transmissions, editions, and summary of contents. Includes a 31-page bibliography, a name/title index of the study, 6 indices of the inventory, and a concordance to other repertories. JKL


Barata, José Oliveira; Pericão, Maria da Graça. Catálogo da literatura de cordel. Lisboa: Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, 2006. 399, 1 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Estudos musicológicos; 30) ISBN 9722715321: $65
A catalog of 1928 plays in chapbooks held in a special collection at the University of Coimbra. Arranged by title, the entries provide ISBD elements, the local call number and other holding locations. Includes a half-page bibliography, indices of authors, translators, composers, imprints, printers, year of publication, theater of performance, musical titles, and previous owners. JKL
Bardají Ruiz, Federico. Literatura sobre inmigrantes en España. Madrid: Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, Subdirección General de Información Administración y Publicaciones, 2006. 398 p.; 22 cm. (Documentos del Observatorio Permanente de la Inmigración; 13 ISBN 9788484172338: $32.74
A classed, unannotated bibliography of books, articles, and reports published in Spain from the late 1980s up to the summer of 2006 on the subject of immigration. No index. JKL
Bayona Mons, Lidia et al. Collins Student’s Pocket English-Catalan, Català-Anglès. Barcelona: Grijalbo; Glasgow: Collins, 2007 724 p.; 18 cm + 1 English verb wheel. ISBN: 9788425341212: € 17.21
A handy, compendious bilingual dictionary with a preface on English pronunciation and an appendix on English grammar. Entries give parts of speech, equivalents in the other language, unsourced illustrative examples, and occasional notes on grammar, usage, and culture. Includes an 8-page visual dictionary of color photos. Picked up on Las Ramblas, but not in WorldCat, GBIP, or Collins’ web site. JKL
Carbonell Basset, Delfín. Diccionario sohez: de uso del español cotidiano, popular, desenfadado, familiar, coloquial, grosero y malhablado, con eufemismos, insultos, clichés, solecismos, barbarismos, ñoñerías, jergas y piadosismos. Barcelona: Ediciones del Serbal, 2007. 736 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9788476284988: $67.69
A semi-scholarly dictionary of colloquial Spanish (“sois a reference to a passage in the ”Quixote). Entries provide part of speech, standard equivalents, and sourced illustrative quotations. Includes a list of authors cited and a bibliography of cited texts. JKL
Casas Fernández, Maria Beatriz. Repertorio de relaciones de sucesos españolas en la Biblioteca de Ajuda. A Coruña: Universidade da Coruña, Servizo de Publicacions, 2006. 114 p.; 24 cm. + 1 CD-ROM. (Monografías Universidade da Coruña; 121) ISBN 9788497492164: $27.62
A catalog (on CD-ROM) of the early modern Spanish relaciones de sucesos or “événementiel” chapbooks in the Biblioteca de Ajuda (Lisbon). The book studies the genre and the specific titles in the Ajuda, describes other catalogs, editions, and studies of the genre, a directory of the printers, and includes a 12-page bibliography. Along with the codicological descriptions on the CD-ROM are indices of authors, titles, printers, publishers, &/or booksellers, places of publication, subjects, names, places, title epithets, chronology, and titles in verse. JKL
Castañeda y Alcover, Vicente. Ensayo de una bibliografía comentada de manuales de artes, ciencias, oficios, costumbres públicas y privadas de España, siglos XVI al XIX. Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, 2006. 680 p.: ill.; 17×24 cm. ISBN 9788478952120: € 53.85
Reprint of a 1955 heavily annotated catalog of modern Spanish technical manuals. Arranged by main entry, includes indices of subjects and illustrations. Not found in Balay or Walford. JKL
Diccionario de hispanoamericanismos: no recogidos por la Real Academia: (formas homónimas, polisémicas y otras derivaciones morfosemánticas). Ed. Renaud Richard. 3a ed. puesta al día y aumentada. Madrid: Cátedra, 2006. 600 p.; 24 cm. (Linguística Cátedra) ISBN 9788437623351: $33.18
A lexicon of Spanish American terms not covered in the 22nd edition of the DRAE. Entries give parts of speech, definitions, countries of usage, and sourced illustrative quotations from 360 authors. Includes a 20-page bibliography, mostly of sources. JKL
Diccionario combinatorio práctico del español contemporáneo: las palabras en su contexto. Ed. Ignacio Bosque. Boadilla del Monte, Madrid: SM, 2006. lx, 1305 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 9788467511727: $51.50
Based on the same corpus of 68 Spanish and Spanish American periodicals as Redes (noted in our Spring 2005 issue), the more than 14,000 entries present almost 400,000 common combinations, more than in Redes, which however contains more examples, a theoretical introduction, and a bibliography. Entries provide a word’s grammatical categories, but brief definitions only to distinguish different uses. Combinations are arranged according to grammatical category. Includes cross references, but no index. JKL
Dicionarística portuguesa: inventariação e estudo do património lexicográfico. Eds. Telmo Verdelho & João Paul Silvestre. Lisboa: Universidade de Aveiro, 2007. 215 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 978972789234: $40
A survey and bibliography of Portuguese lexicons. In appendix, an introduction to the Corpus Lexicográfico do Português at DiciWeb . JKL
Doscientos críticos literarios en la España del siglo XIX: diccionario biobibliográfico. Eds. Frank Baasner & Francisco Acero Yus. Madrid/Darmstadt: CSIS/Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaf sic, 2007. 900 p.; 25 cm. (Anejos de Revista de Literatura; 70/Beiträge zur Romanistik; 11) ISBN 9788400085421: € 52,88
After a 12-page overview, the 211 entries signed by 87 contributors present the life and works of 19th-century Spanish literary critics, each concluding with a primary and secondary bibliography. Includes an index of pseudonyms and titles; the index of authors treated merely repeats the order of the articles. JKL
Faure, Roberto. Diccionario de nombres propios. Pozuelo de Alarcón: Espasa, c2007. xxv, 861 p.; 19 cm. (Espasa léxicos) ISBN 9788467023756: $28.69
A semi-scholarly dictionary of Spanish and classical forenames complementing the author’s dictionary of Spanish surnames, Diccionario de apellidos españoles, noted in our Fall 2002 issue. Following a substantial introduction, entries explain the origin and meaning of more than 13,000 names. Includes an index of names, which acts as a form of cross-references, and a 2-page bibliography. JKL
Fernández Fernández, Antonio. Diccionario de dudas. Oviedo: Ediuno, Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, Campus de humanidades, 2007. 2 v.; 25 cm. (Biblioteca práctica del idioma español) ISBN 8483175118: $26.50
A normative guide to the use or form of terms in Castilian, based on the reference works of the Real Academia Española. No critical apparatus. JKL
Garbisu Buesa, Margarita; & Iglesias Berzal, Montserrat. Índices de La Estafeta Literaria (1944-2001): contenidos literarios de la revista. Madrid: Fragua, 2004. 309 p.; 24 cm. + 1 CD-Rom. (Biblioteca de ciencias de la comunicación; 2) ISBN 8470741691: € 35
An index of the literary articles in an important late 20th-century Spanish review. The full, chronological index is on the CD-ROM, indicating the section and themes of the articles, along with commentaries in notes field. The book offers a list of the issues (with dates) and an index of names. JKL
García Sánchez, Jairo Javier. Atlas toponímico de España. Madrid: Arco/Libros, c2007. 407 p.: maps; 22 cm. ISBN 9788476356609: $26.19
A treatment of Spanish place names in terms of origin, semantics, and morphology. Most of the many black-and-white full-page maps are of the entire peninsula. Includes a 10-page bibliography and an index of place names. JKL
González, Luis M. El teatro español durante la II República y la crítica de su tiempo (1931-1936). Madrid: Fundación Universitaria Española, 2007. 506 p.; 29 cm. (Investigaciones bibliográficas sobre autores españoles; 11)
An inventory of Spanish plays and their criticism of the early 1930s. The entries are arranged by playwright and give the title of the play, the theater, the number of performances, and extended excerpts from contemporary criticism. Includes a half-page bibliography, but no index. JKL
Martín Abad, Julián. Post-incunables ibéricos (Adenda). Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, 2007. 157 p.: ill.; 31 cm. ISBN 9788478952281: $125.50
A supplement to a major catalog of early Iberian imprints, noted in our Fall 2002 issue. :Includes a 5-page bibliography of sources used and a geographical index of printers with author/title entries arranged therein chronologically, and a folio of “Otra adenda” to be tipped in. JKL
Martínez Pereira, Ana. Manuales de escritura de los siglos de oro: repertorio crítico y analítico de obras manuscritas e impresas. Mérida (Badajoz): Editora Regional de Extremadura, 2006. 629 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788476719411: € 17.31
After a survey of Spanish Golden Age treatises of penmanship and scribesmanship, a catalog of same. Arranged by author, entries provide codicological descriptions, bibliographic references, and holding locations. Includes indices of presses, provenance, related works, names and illustrations, and a 44-page bibliography. JKL
Masid Valiñas, Germán. La producción editorial de bibliófilo, 1940-1960: un catálogo selectivo. Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, c2005. 274 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788478952113: $58.87
A catalog of mid-20th-century Spanish collector’s editions, according to “une selección subjectiva pero rigurosa”. Arranged by author, entries give detailed descriptions and holding locations. In appendix: abbreviated descriptions of other editions by author, illustrator, and publisher’s series. No other index. JKL
Pérez y Pérez, Federico. Ensayo de bibliografía moderna burgalesa (1492-1808): (estudio de 4.700 fichas bibliográficas). Burgos: Editorial Dossoles, 2007. 439 p. ; 24 cm. (Dossoles historia) ISBN 9788496606135: $37.59
A classed (UDC), occasionally annotated of 4638 books and articles on 3 centuries of history and culture in Burgos. Includes an index of authors. Succeeds the author’s Ensayo de bibliografía medieval burgalesa: estudio de 6600 fichas bibliográficas (2002) and other volumes will cover other periods. JKL
Real Academia Española. Diccionario del estudiante. Madrid: Real Academia Española/Santillana con la colaboración de la Fundación Rafael del Pino, c2005. xxv, 1537 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 842940547X, 9788429405477: € 20.90.
Based on the RAE’s lexical databases, this normative panhispanic dictionary is aimed at secondary students and their families. The more than 40,000 entries offer grammatical and usage information, pronunciation, definitions, synonyms, locutions, and unsourced illustrative quotations. Appendices cover numbers, conjugation, and orthography. JKL
Real Academia Española. Diccionario esencial de la lengua española. Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid): Espasa Calpe/Real Academia Española, c2006. xxxi, 1631 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788467023145: $47.61
Based on the RAE’s lexical databases, this project of the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española conforms with the norms adopted by the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (see our Fall 2006 issue). Its 54,000 entries contain 110,000 definitions and offer grammatical and usage information, pronunciation, occasional etymologies, synonyms, locutions, and unsourced illustrative quotations. Appendices cover conjugation, barbarisms, prefixes and suffixes etc., and orthography. JKL
Ruiz Casanova, José Francisco. Anthologos: poética de la antología poética. Madrid: Cátedra, 2007. 346 p.; 21 cm. (Crítica y estudios literarios) ISBN 9788437623764: $23.01
An historical critical survey of Spanish poetry anthologies of the 20th century—an important means of critical reception. Includes a 14-page selective bibliography of poetry anthologies, a 7-page bibliography of criticism, and an index of names. JKL
Santos, Ana Clara; Vasconelos, Ana Isabel. Repertório teatral na Lisboa oitocentista: (1835-1846). Lisboa: Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, 2007. 317 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9789722715584: $45
A repertory of the plays presented in the capital’s two major theaters (one for a French company) at a critical time in Portuguese romantic theater, the 12 years preceding the opening of the Teatro de Dona Maria II. A title list indicates the genre, length, and author(s) of the play, and its performances, with references to the following chronological list. JKL


Almanacco dello Specchio, 2006. Eds. Maurizio Cucchi and Antonio Riccardi. Milano: Mondadori, 2006. 204 p.; 22 cm. (Lo specchio) ISBN 9788804558873: € 14
The rebirth, as of 2005 after a lapse of a dozen years, of an important annual on Italian poetry. Includes a selection of recent Italian poetry and translations, interviews, surveys, and reviews. JKL
Cannì, Giovanna; & Elisa Merlo. Atlante delle scrittrici piemontesi dell’Ottocento e del Novecento. Torino: Seb 27, c2007. 274 p.; 24 cm. TOC: http://www.ilibri.casalini.it/toc/07562187.pdf (Donne del Piem”onte; 5) ISBN 9788886618564: € 14
Under the auspices of the Centro Studi e Documentazione Pensiero Femminile , these bio-bibliographies of scores of better- and less well-known late-modern women authors from the Piedmont offer entries that conclude with primary and secondary bibliographies. Includes a chronology and a map. JKL
Clavis scriptorum Latinorum Medii aevi: auctores Italiae, 700-1000. Ed. Benedetta Valtorta. Firenze: SISMEL, Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2006. xxv, 307 p.; 25 cm. TOC: http://www.ilibri.casalini.it/toc/07573073.pdf (Edizione nazionale dei testi mediolatini; 17. Edizione nazionale dei testi mediolatini. Serie I; 10.) ISBN 9788884502254: € 58
Bio-bibliographies of 89 authors writing in Latin in Italy between 700 and 1000 CE, with 415 works and more than 800 manuscripts being treated, excluding anonymous and documentary texts. Entries provide brief biographical information, bibliographic references, and the codicological cataloging of the authors’ works, with holding locations and editions. Includes indices of names, manuscripts, and hagiographic texts. JKL
Dizionario degli studi culturali. Intro. Michele Cometa; a cura di Roberta Coglitore e Federica Mazzara. Roma: Meltemi, 2004. 571 p.; 19 cm. (Meltemi.edu; 3) ISBN 888353283X: € 32
The present state of cultural studies from Italian perspectives, in the form of 59 articles—from “American Memory” to “Xenologia”—signed by 45 Italian academics. Each entry concludes with a list of critical terms and a selective weblography and bibliography. Includes an overview by Cometa, a “cartografia” delineating the major vectors in the field, a “Tabella comparativa dei lemmi” relating the terms in different languages, an index of names, and brief bio-bibliographies of the authors. JKL
Dizionoir cover: Noir, Thriller, Spy Story e Zone Limitrofe. Ed. Mauro Smocovich. Milano: Delos books, c2006. 317 p.; 20 cm. TOC: http://www.ilibri.casalini.it/toc/06935116.pdf (I libri di Thriller magazine) ISBN 9788889096499: € 16
An international dictionary of authors and topics in the subgenres of detective and spy stories. Contains a section on noir comics and essays on diverse aspects of the noir field, including “Le Riviste Noir” and “Noir e Internet”. Includes cross references and a 6-page bibliography of criticism. JKL
Forte, Franco; & Bianchini, Fabrizio. Come partecipare ai premi letterari (e vincere): gli errori da evitare, gli ostacoli da superare, i trucchi e le astuzie per far apprezzare come merita davvero il vostro talento letterario. Milano: Delos books, 2007. 131 p.; 19 cm. (I libri della Writers magazine Italia) ISBN 9788889096604: € 10
A guide for candidates for Italian literary prizes. Includes an annotated directory of 50 major prizes and online indices of prizes. The publisher also offers a writer’s guide, Il prontuario dello scrittore (2006, ©2002) and Writers Magazine Italia (see http://www.writersmagazine.it/ for subscription and other information). JKL
Lapucci, Carlo. Dizionario dei proverbi italiani: 25.000 detti memorabili, origini e storia del proverbio, i frammenti di saggezza popolare su ogni aspetto dell’esperienza umana. Milano: Mondadori DOC, 2007. lxiii, 1854 p.; 20 cm. (Mondadori DOC) ISBN 9788804567486: € 28
A reprint of the 2006 Le Monnier edition (infra). JKL
Lapucci, Carlo. Dizionario dei proverbi italiani: con saggio introduttivo sul proverbio e la sua storia. Firenze: Le Monnier, 2006. liii, 1354 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8800510221: € 26
After a substantial categorical and historical survey, this thesaurus presents 25,000 Italian proverbs arranged by theme, with occasional references to sources. Includes an 11-page bibliography, cross-references and an index of keywords. JKL
Pensato, Rino. Manuale di bibliografia: redazione e uso dei repertori bibliografici. Milano: Bibliografica, c2007. 325 p.: ill.; 21 cm. (Bibliografia e biblioteconomia; 80) ISBN 9788870756494: € 25
By a professor of bibliography at the Università di Bologna, an introductory guide to the composition and use of bibliographies. Includes a 50-page classed bibliography, appendices giving examples of the points made, and an index of names cited in the first 3 chapters. JKL
Strumenti vecchi e nuovi per lo studio della letteratura italiana. Ed. Raffaele Ruggiero. Lecce: Pensa multimedia, 2007. 155 p.: ill.; 21 cm. (I quaderni di Mandala) ISBN 9788882324971: € 12
A collection of essays by Italian academics and one publisher (Olschki) on text corpora, computer-assisted philology, hyperfiction, multitext editions and tools, digital preservation, and examples of electronic libraries. JKL