Fall 2007 – Notes from the Chair

WESS Newsletter

Fall 2007, Vol. 31, No. 1

ALA was an exciting meeting, especially thanks to the excellent program, The European Union Today: Constructing European Identity, as well as the stimulating discussion groups and hard work of the committees.

A few items that the WESS Executive Board agreed on at the meeting and subsequent email discussions bear mention. The most evident in the context of what you’re reading now is the decision that it is now time to move to an e-only Newsletter. We hope that we can have a more flexible publication that truly reflects WESS news and issues by moving to the web. I encourage you to continue to submit content and ideas to the Newsletter in its latest incarnation.

This year marked the end of Emily Stambaugh’s term as chair of the Fundraising Committee, which the Executive Board created in 2005. While WESS benefits from innumerable members’ time and talents, I would be remiss if I did not mention the extremely hard work Emily put in to shaping the committee and making it such a success. I would be equally remiss if I did not express our gratitude to our generous sponsors who contribute to funding our many activities. Please let them know how much you appreciate their support.

CIFNAL, the Collaborative Initiative for French and North American Libraries, was formally incorporated, thus ending the WESS ad hoc Committee for its formation. Kudos to all who collaborated and worked to make this happen, and especially to Tom Kilton, whose brainchild CIFNAL was.

As you may have seen on WESS-L, thanks to the efforts of Jerry Heverly & Brian Vetruba, WESS offered comments, supporting the necessity for the current approach of providing subject headings when cataloguing, to the LC Working Group on Bibliographic Control. Thanks to our efforts, the Slavic & East European Section and Literatures in English Section of ACRL also submitted comments.

If you’ve been to WESSWeb post-ALA, you’ve noticed that it is now the WESSWeb Wiki (or a www in its own right). This transformation will enable more WESS members to edit pages, and allow for more efficient maintenance, as well as creation. In this case, thanks are due to Dick Hacken for engineering the change, and for ably and patiently assisting wiki novices. By Midwinter, each committee and discussion group should have, at the least, an informational page.

WESS eagerly anticipates the work of the International Conference Planning Committee now being formed. Interested committee volunteers are always welcome: at present, please contact me directly sgwenzel@uchicago.edu. Look for further announcements on WESSWeb, and be sure to respond to the survey about potential locations and themes when it appears!

Speaking of volunteering… Our Vice Chair/Chair-elect, Laura Dale, will be soon appointing members to committees for terms during her stint as Chair. If you’re interested in a committee or working for WESS in any way, please contact her at bisch004@tc.umn.edu.

Sarah Wenzel