2013 Fall – New Publications of Note

WESS Newsletter

Fall 2013, Vol. 37, No. 1

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

RLK = Robert L. Kusmer


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Schmitzer, Ulrich, ed. Enzyklopädie der Philologie: Themen und Methoden der klassischen Philologie heute. Vertumnus: Berliner Beiträge zur klassischen Philologie und zu ihren Nachbargebieten, Bd. 11. Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2013. 313 p. ISBN 9783846901243: € 52.00.
A representation of the disciplinary spectrum of classical philology assembled by faculty of Humboldt Universität, the successor to August Boeckh’s Philological Seminar in Berlin. Some dozen or so chapters are rounded out by indexes of persons, topics and cited references to classical works. RLK

Bischoff, Alfred, ed. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1729-1781: eine kommentierte Auswahlbibliographie zur Rezeption in West- und Osteuropa. Bibliographien zur Geschichte und Kultur Europas, Bd. 1. Berlin: Osteuropa Zentrum Berlin, 2013. 1095 p. ISBN 9783940452306: € 159.90.
Following a primary bibliography, the great bulk of this work is a secondary bibliography of works about Lessing in the German, Russian, French and English-language arenas. Selective commentaries are included. An appendix contains a variety of supplemental material, including directories of literary societies in several European countries. RLK

Borgards, Roland et al., eds. Literatur und Wissen: ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2013. 439 p. ISBN 9783476023711: € 69.95. The interdisciplinary points of convergence between science and literature from the 17th-21st centuries are presented in signed scholarly articles covering topics subsumed under broad categories such as the disciplines, paradigms, modes and forms, and capped by their application to twenty-three representative texts. Indexes of disciplines and persons are included. RLK

Rachinger, Johanna. Die besten 100 Bücher der letzten 100 Jahre. Metroverlag, 2012. 318 p. ill. ISBN 9783993001063: € 19.90. Johanna Rachinger, Director of the Austrian National Library, has assembled here short essays on her favorite 100 works from world literature. Non-German works are discussed in their German translations. RLK

Müller-Kampel, Beatrix, and Eveline Thalmann. Lexikon literarischer Figuren, Personen, Typen und Gruppen. Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 2013. 422 p. ISBN 9783777212135: € 264.00.
The authors have compiled an index of literary entities (such as named characters, type categories such as Doppelgänger, literary authors) from world literature, found within 38 literary reference works. Each index term lists the reference work and the page number(s) on which that entry is found. RLK


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