WESS Newsletter Fall 2016

Vol. 40, no. 1

Editor: Jen Bonnet
Association of College & Research Libraries
American Library Association

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Feature Articles

Notes from the Chair
Katie Gibson

A Librarian’s Retrospective 
Robert Kusmer

Using Bulgarian Web Resources as Collection Development Tools
Liladhar Pendse

MLA International Symposium: A Travel Report
Richard Hacken

Indexing Spain’s Underground Magazines from the Transition Period
Patricia Figueroa

Making Connections Abroad through the International Librarians Network
Pirjo Kangas and Kelsey Corlett-Rivera

Internship Experience at Duke University Libraries
Heidi Madden

An International Symposium
Sarah How

WESS-SEES/ De Gruyter European Librarianship Study Grant Call for Nominations
Jeffrey Staiger

ACRL Updates, Fall 2016
Dawn Mueller


New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?
Column Editor: WESS Membership

Europe in Bits & Bytes
Column Editor: Kathleen Smith

Personal & Institutional News
Column Editor: Sharon Clayton

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