Executive Committee Minutes – ALA Midwinter Meeting 2002

WESS Newsletter

Vol. 25, No. 2 (Spring, 2002)


22 January 2002

Present: Barbara Walden, chair; Gordon Anderson, Helene Baumann, Sam Dunlap, Jeff Garrett, Dick Hacken, Heleni Pedersoli, Kathy Hunter Rutter, Bruce Swann, Sarah Wenzel; guest Mary Jane Petrowski, ACRL Senior Associate Executive Director.

Walden called the meeting to order, and noted the following changes to the agenda: 1) the presence of Petrowski and the discussion of WESS’s proposed initiative grant; 2) the deletion of item four concerning the funding and publication of brochures. There were no other changes to the agenda.

Walden introduced Petrowski who said that she has assumed responsibility for all membership-related activities, and for conference and program planning activities. She will gradually take on the liaison duties of Margot Sutton, for example in relation to the planned conference in Paris, but for now email and other communications should still go to Sutton who will work with Petrowski during this period of transition.

Walden asked about the proposed initiative from WESS for funding the one-day admission of library students from traditionally African-American colleges in the Atlanta area to the 2002 Annual Conference. Petrowski noted that the section budget contains an item for conference grants up to $500, and that Mary Reichel can add an additional $200 to $300 to that amount. So a section can normally have up to $800 for such one-day admissions, or other conference related activities. Petrowski was uncertain of the amount for a one-day registration in Atlanta, but will forward that figure shortly. Walden noted that the timeline will be tight, but once she has the amount of the additional funding, she will send it to the Membership Committee for discussion by email. Baumann agreed that there would be ways to use it.


ACRL: Dunlap and Anderson note that Theresa Byrd, representative of ACRL, covered these topics thoroughly at the General Membership meeting. Her remarks included the need to pay attention to the ramifications of the Patriot Act; the need to spend available funds by August 31; the fact that the Initiative Fund has been stopped; the coming change in tax status for ALA; and the coming ACRL conference in Charlotte for which proposals for panels and papers are requested.

Nijhoff: Garrett has met with Philipp Neie, Chief Executive Officer of Swets Blackwell regarding the Martinus Nijhoff/Swets Blackwell Study Grant and asked whether he should continue as the contact person. After a brief discussion Walden directed Garrett to continue as the liaison with Swets Blackwell, but to keep the executive committee informed of any changes in the name, requirements, or nature of the grant. In such cases, the executive committee would have the authority to make a final decision.

Membership: Walden will contact Astroff about new funding possibilities. Wenzel requested that all WESS members be added to WESS-L if the list owner is willing and if it is technically feasible. She will draft a brief message of greeting and include instructions to sign off the list. It was so moved and seconded. During the discussion it was noted that formerly it was thought inappropriate to add members without consent, but that such actions were more common now. In addition, it was felt that some new members would appreciate the inclusion while some veteran members might be also reinvigorated. The motion carried unanimously by a show of hands.

Frankfurt: Garrett observed that volunteers for the Book Fair make substantial contributions of time and effort. Anderson volunteered to be the point person for this year’s fair. A discussion followed about the advisability of again developing a program to occur outside the fair. The consensus was that it was not necessary to do so every year, particularly since a number of people are active now in planning the Paris conference. Walden named Anderson as the point person for this year’s fair. In answer to a question about funding, Garrett noted that Frankfurt is a regular part of the ACRL budget with funds going for the ACRL representative, WESS member travels, and shipping. Anderson will assemble a small planning committee and work with Petrowski on this.

Bylaws: Walden said that she now has the text of former changes in the bylaws, and that there were responses from WESS list members. Because she had additional questions for Cullars, and because there was no deadline for a vote, Walden felt that the discussion of any changes could continue via email so that there could be a vote at the 2002 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. She also directed Wenzel to report to the Membership Committee that there is as yet no language for that body in the bylaws or the WESS Handbook. The Membership Committee should propose language for the WESS Handbook similar to that for other standing committees.

WESS International Conference: Larson, as chair of the programming committee, asked for clarification of the role of the Executive Committee in preparation for the conference. Garrett observed that the Executive Committee had already charged the planning committee with the power to plan and to make decisions appropriate to planning. Walden agreed, noting that such planning occurs over a period that is longer than the cycle of one WESS chair, or a single Executive Committee, and that reporting the planning activities is sufficient. Larson thanked Walden for the clarification and reported that the planning committee has decided not to use the ALA Travel Bureau, citing the experience of the conference in Florence.

Pre-Conference: Anderson noted that there is currently nothing to add to earlier discussions. There being no further business and no new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Swann
WESS Secretary