Goodbye – Thank You – Welcome

WESS Newsletter

Vol. 25, No. 2 (Spring, 2002)

This is my last issue as Editor. My term as editor has been easy and fun because of the great colleagues who have faithfully done all the real work. Many thanks are due to the column editors with whom I have worked over the last three years: Richard Hacken, Gail Hueting, Robert Kusmer and Sarah Wenzel. They are the ones producing the useful and enjoyable texts that we all appreciate so much. An especially big thank you is due to my colleague and assistant editor, Sue Chesley – without her hard work, you would never have seen the newsletter in print or online.

Thanks in advance and welcome to Sebastian Hierl who will take over Sarah Wenzel’s Bits and Bytes column so that she can start her term as editor of the newsletter in June 2002. Good luck and bon courage, Sarah!

Elisabeth Remak-Honnef