2007 Spring – New Publications of Note

WESS Newsletter

Spring 2007, Vol. 30, No. 2

Column Editor: Robert Kusmer

AC = Aedin Clements
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
RLK = Robert L. Kusmer


Coste, Jean. Dictionnaire des noms propres: Toponymes et patronymes de France. Paris: Armand Colin, 2006. 700 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2200269692: € 29

A classed dictionary of the sources of French place and family names, claiming to offer 45,000 entries referring to 937,000 place and personal names. Includes see-references, a 6-page bibliography, and an index of names. JKL

Lesage, Claire; Netchine, Ève; & Sarrazin, Véronique. Catalogues de libraires, 1473-1810. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2006. 632 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2717723471: € 65

After a 20-page historical introduction, annotated full descriptions of 3,216 European book sellers’ catalogs (a neglected genre), arranged by the name of the printer/book seller. Includes indices of locations, persons, and subjects (catalog types, editorial and commercial practices, etc., provenances, and chronological). JKL

IMEC: Institut mémoires de l’édition contemporaine. Répertoire des collections: 2006. IMEC; ed. ’Olivier Corpet. 2d ed. Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe: IMEC, 2006. 396 p.; ill.; 24 cm. (Inventaires) ISBN 2908295768: € 20

A guide to the archives of 20th-century French authors, publishers, reviews, and institutions at the IMEC, updated on the web at http://www.imec-archives.com/fonds/, as announced in our “Bits & Bytes” column (Spring 2006). Each of the over 350 full-page entries gives an historical or bio-bibliographical introduction, a description of the contents, accession date, volume, related collections (e. g., personal libraries), commentaries, and references to other collections at the IMEC or elsewhere. Smaller collections are noted in a section of miscellanea; uncataloged archives are listed, as well the 6 that have been transferred elsewhere. Includes contact information and an index of names. A supplement is announced for 2007. JKL

Fabre, Paul. Petit dictionnaire de la littérature occitane du moyen âge: Auteurs, oeuvres, lexique. Montpellier: Centre d’études occitanes de l’Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 Publications, 2006. 259 p.; 21 cm. (Lo gat ros) ISBN 2842697227: € 16

A literary dictionary of medieval Occitan authors and works, as well as of key terms. Includes cross-references and a 5-page bibliography, but no index. JKL

Hoctan, Caroline. Panorama des revues à la libération: Août 1944-octobre 1946. Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe: IMEC: Institut mémoires de l’édition contemporaine, 2006. 703 p.; 24 cm. (Inventaires) ISBN 2908295814: € 29

A detailed catalog of over 150 reviews published in France between the Occupation and the Fourth Republic. Each entry provides physical, publishing, and editorial information, as well as references to studies and tables of contents of the title’s issues. Includes a detailed historical introduction and chronology, and an index of names and titles. JKL

Tardif, Geneviève; Fontaine, Jean; Saint-Germain. Jean. Le grand Druide des synonymes et des antonymes: dictionnaire; 660,000 synonymes/ 80,000 antonymes. 2e éd. Montréal: Québec Amérique; Druide, c2006. xv, 1442 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2764404948: Ca$49.95.

A desk thesaurus offering 35,000 entries with 8,000 “hyponyms”, i.e., words included under broader terms. Indicates register and regional usage. Avoids cross-references by including all synonyms in each relevant entry. Also included, along with 10 other dictionaries, in the publisher’s editing program Antidote (see http://www.druide.com/a_description.html). JKL

Costes, Guy; & Altairac, Joseph. Les terres creuses: Traitez non moins utile que délectable de la présence de grottes, cavernes, cavités, gouffres, abîmes, tunnels “extraordinaires”, mondes souterrains habités, et autres terres creuses dans les romans (populaires ou non), à conjectures rationnelles, y compris les récits préhistoriques comportant icelle ou icelui, autant que les essais, desquels iusques à présent l’on n’a peu ou prou ouy parler: Bibliographie géo-anthropologique commentée des mondes souterrains imaginaires et des récits spéléologiques conjecturaux. Amiens: Encrage; Paris: Belles lettres, 2006. 799 p.; ill.; 25 cm. (Interface, 4) ISBN 2251741429; 2911576713: € 60

A chronological annotated bibliography of fictional or speculative underworlds and spelunking from Plato to Spinosi and Raoux (2005). The 2211 entries indicate first editions and pre-publication in periodicals. Includes an annotated bibliography of sources and indices of names and titles. JKL

Esteban et al. Devenons des médias alternatifs: Guide des médias alternatifs et des sources d’informations différentes. Lyon: Le P’tit Gavroche, 2006. 365 p.; 19 cm. ISBN 295275750x: € 10

The bulk of this guide—wherein one learns that “So Krazy”is the anagram of Sarkozy—consists of a classed annotated directory of alternative periodicals, free radios, television co-ops, web sites, citizen blogs, and other resources (over 600 in all), updated on an associated web site. Includes a 6-page bibliography and indices of titles and subjects. Other alternative guides are announced. JKL

Farrachi, Armand. Petit lexique d’optimisme officiel: Comprenant syndromes, paradoxes, directives, faux amis et autres notions obligatoirement positives. Paris: Fayard, 2007. 186 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9782213632049: € 17

A guide to Gallic bureaucratese. Ne dites pas “Licenciement massif”, dites “Plan social”. JKL

Flaubert. Ed. Didier Philippot. Paris: Presses de l’université Paris-Sorbonne, 2006. 935 p.; 21 cm. (Mémoire de la critique) ISBN: 2840504456: € 35

An anthology of Flaubert criticism, from Duranty and Sainte-Beuve to Thibaudet and Proust, preceded by a magisterial 130-page analytic survey. Selections largely complement those in Gilles Philippe’s Flaubert savait-il écrire?: une querelle grammaticale, 1919-1921 (Grenoble: ELLUG, Université Stendhal, 2004 Archives critiques). JKL

Merceron, Jacques E. La vieille carcas de ‘Carcassonne: Florilège de l’humour et de l’imaginaire des noms de lieux en ‘France‘. Légendes, jeux et calembours toponymiques des noms de lieux en ‘France‘. Précédé d’un essai sur le sujet”’. Paris: Seuil, 2006. 827 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2020885123: € 29

By the author of Le Dictionnaire thématique et géographique des saints imaginaries (see our Fall 2002 issue), a compendium of false etymologies, legends, and word games about place names in the Hexagon. Includes a 20-page bibliography and an index of place names. JKL

Vidal, Jérôme. Lire et penser ensemble: Sur l’avenir de l’édition indépendante et la publicité de la pensée critique. Paris: Amsterdam, 206. 101 p.; 18 cm. (Démocritique) ISBN 2915547246: € 7

By the co-director of a small publishing house, a brief though dense analysis of the situation of independent publishing in France: the short-term financial horizon of the “majors” permits smaller houses to cultivate serious scholarly studies (particularly in history) or translations. Announces the launching this spring (2007) of a new monthly review, modeled on TLS, NYRB, LRB: La Revue internationale des livres et des idées.For more on this group of like-minded publishers, see http://www.lekti-ecriture.com/editeurs/. JKL

Bayard, Pierre. Comment parler des livres que l’on n’a pas lus. Paris: Minuit, 2006. 162 p.; 22 cm. (Paradoxe) ISBN 9782707319821: € 15

You want I should just give you my secrets? By the author of Comment améliorer les œuvres ratées. JKL

Castiglione Minischetti, Vito; Dotoli, Giovanni; & Musnik, Roger. Le voyage français en Italie des origines au xviiie siècle. Fasano (Brindisi): Schena; Paris: Lanore, 2006. 458 p.: col. ill.; 21 cm. (Bibliothèque du voyage français en Italie, 1; Biblioteca della ricerca. Bibliographica, 8) ISBN 8882296415: € 50

Building on their 2002 Bibliographie du voyage français en Italie du Moyen Âge à 1914, the authors present an annotated bibliography of French voyages to Italy, arranged in chronological chapters (with respect to the trip, not the edition), and alphabetically by author within each chapter. Entries show successive editions and holding locations. Two subsequent volumes are planned for the 19th and 20th centuries. Includes a bibliography of sources and indices of names, titles, and illustrations. JKL


“Ihr Ende schaut an…”: Evangelische Märtyrer des 20. Jahrhunderts / herausgegeben von Harald Schultze und Andreas Kurschat, unter Mitarbeit von Claudia Bendick. Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2006. 765 pp., ports. ISBN 3374023703. € 48

In 500 alphabetically arranged biographical articles, this encyclopedia documents the demise of Evangelical martyrs at the hands of the National Socialist, East German and Soviet regimes. A 200-page opening section preceding the biographies presents a dozen substantial essays by the editors and other scholars on the subject from geo-political and theological perspectives. RLK

Segebrecht, Wulf, ed. Neues Fundbuch der Gedichtinterpretationen / bearabeitet von Christian Roßner. Hannover-Latzen: Wehrhahn, 2005. 211 pp. ISBN 3865250114 (pbk.). € 25

Complementing the Fundbuch der Gedichtinterpretationen(Schöningh, 1997), the Neues Fundbuch references 2,500 interpretations of 16th to 20th century German poetry that have appeared since 1997. Includes an index of poem titles and beginning lines. RLK

Tadday, Ulrich, ed. Schuhmann Handbuch. Stuttgart : Metzler; Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2006. 602 pp.: ill., music. ISBN 3476016714 (Metzler) 3761820348 (Bärenreiter): € 64.95

Substantive, scholarly, signed essays with lengthy bibliographies cover trends in Schuhmann research, the musical genres applicable to his compositions, his biography, and aesthetics in relation to music, art and literature. Treatment of Schuhmann’s influence and reception conclude the main part. A chronology and indexes of persons, titles and Schuhmann’s works by categories and opus number complete this appealing volume. RLK

Schützeichel, Rudolf. Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch. 6. Aufl., überarbeitet und um die Glossen erw. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2006. 443 pp. ISBN 3484640324. € 48

First published in 1969 and most recently in 1995 in its 5th, rev. ed., this standard work has been expanded significantly through the addition of 27,000 entries from Schützeichel’s Althochdeutscher und Altsächsischer Glossenwortschatz (12 Bände. Tübingen 2004). Includes referenced vocabulary from eighty-four literary sources. A valuable addition to the reference shelf. RLK

Bernet, Claus. Deutsche Quäkerbibliographie: vollständiges Schriftenverzeichnis des deutschen Quäkertums von den Anfängen um 1660 bis zur “Religiösen Gesellschaft der Freunde (Quäker) e. V.” Nordhausen: Bautz, 2005. 150 pp. ISBN 3883093637 (pbk.). € 20

About 1,500 citations from Quaker and non-Quaker sources. The bibliography is organized variously, beginning with overview works, it goes on to Quaker sources, histories chronologically presented from the time of Pietism through today, and finally, thematically arranged sections. RLK

Wild, Henk de. Stefan Heym: eine Bibliographie zur Primär- und Sekundärliteratur. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2006. 560 pp. ISBN 3631555032 (pbk.). € 78

Coverage of the primary and secondary literature is up to 2004 and comprises 2,544 entries. The section of primary literature is not comprehensive, as the compiler states, because Heym’s opera omnia are not yet comprehensively accessible.RLK Rasch, Wolfgang. Theodor Fontane Bibliographie: Werk und Forschung. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 2006. 3 vols. ISBN 3110184567. € 498 A cooperative effort between the Fontane-Archive in Potsdam and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the bibliography comprehensively covers the primary and secondary literature from 1839-2004, including at least 300 journalistic texts and correspondence now attributable to Fontane and 2,600 of his individual contributions in newspapers and journals. Vol. 1 covers primary works, vol. 2 secondary works not devoted to specific titles, and vol. 3 secondary works focusing on individual narrative works of Fontane. Eight different indexes provide diverse access points to the set. RLK

Kreuzer, Helmut, ed. Deutschsprachige Literaturkritik 1870-1914: eine Dokumentation / unter Mitarbeit von Doris Rosenstein. Frankfurt am Main; New York: Peter Lang, 2006. 4 vols. ISBN 3631521294. € 198.

A valuable collection of criticism drawn from the contemporary periodical literature. Includes essays and reviews of the belles lettres and theater of German-speaking Europe. Over two thousand pages of fascinating reception history. Each volume includes detailed table of contents broken down by time periods then by works reviewed, and for each main time period an index of names, sources and titles. Very valuable. RLK

Saprà, Nessun. Lexikon der deutschen Science Fiction und Fantasy, 1870-1918. Materialien und Untersuchungen zur Utopie und Phantastik, Bd. 1. Oberhaid: Utopica, 2005. 314 pp. ISBN 3938083018. € 68.

Alphabetically arranged by authors, Saprà treats 400 writers and 800 works, including individual entries for 200 novels and short story collections. German-language works from all German-speaking countries is included. The time span chosen reflects the author’s contention that 1870 represented a beginning point for “mass-literature,” which had a downward turning point with the rise of censorship at the beginning of the Kaiserzeit. Brief bio-bibliographical entries are expanded in many cases with analyses of individual works. Contains a 33-page secondary bibliography. RLK

Kilcher, Andreas, ed. Deutsch-jüdische Literatur: 120 Porträts. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2006. 287 pp. ISBN 347602136X (pbk.). € 12.95

An extract of the most prominent figures from the 2000 publication Metzler Lexikon der deutsch-jüdischen Literatur. Each essay is signed and includes a very brief primary and secondary bibliography. RLK

Der Brockhaus Literatur: Schriftsteller, Werke, Epochen, Sachbegriffe / herausgegeben von der Lexikonredaktion des Verlags F.A. Brockhaus, Mannheim 3. Aufl. Mannheim: F.A. Brockhaus, c2007. 959 pp., illus. (some col.)., cased. ISBN 3765331333. € 49.95

The compass of this attractive volume is world literature, coverage of which is provided by 4,000 succinct entries for writers, works, epochs and topics. These are complemented by 200 excerpts from literary works, 1,200 photographs and charts, 270 “info-boxes” on major works of world literature or backgrounds to the literary history and 24 epoch-tables. Primary bibliographies supplement the information within the author articles. Additionally, 24 in-depth articles on prominent themes of literature are included RLK

Sedlaczek, Robert. Leet & Leiwand: das Lexikon der Jugendsprache / in Zusammenarbeit mit Roberta Baron. Wien: Echomedia, 2006. 190 pp., illus. ISBN 3901761497 (pbk.). € 9.90.

Sedlaczek and Baron take the reader on a trip through ostensibly “youth language” via over 250 expressions and figures of speech. Entries provide definitions, origins and usage. The prevalent vulgarity of usage and fringe social perspective manifested will be distasteful to many but might be useful from a sociological perspective. RLK

Frank, Isnard W. Lexikon des Mönchtums und der Orden. Stuttgart: Reclam, 2005. 343 pp.: 1 illus., 1 plan. ISBN 3150105242 (hardcover). € 14.90.

More than 700 individual articles cover Roman Catholic monastic history and structure as well as some coverage of the Eastern Church. Includes persons, institutions, orders and topics. Abbreviations list provided for monastic orders. Nineteen page bibliography. This work is an updated revision of Johanna Lanczkowski’s Kleines Lexikon des Mönchtums und der Orden (Reclam, 1993). RLK

Synonyme: sinn- und sachverwandte Wörter. St. Gallen: Otus, 2005. 512 pp. ISBN 3907200012. € 6.95.

An efficient, alphabetically arranged dictionary. “Clean” approach dispenses with introduction, bibliography, conceptual organization. An economical purchase. RLK

Katalog der Leichenpredigten und sonstiger Trauerschriften in Kasseler Bibliotheken, Archiven und Museen / Rudolf Lenz et al., eds. Marburger Personalschriften-Forschungen, Bd. 42. Stuttgart: Steiner, 2006. 345 pp. ISBN 3515088784 (pbk.). € 37

Another in the Steiner series that provides a multi-faceted key to unlock the holdings of German repositories of memorial addresses on the occasion of the passing of prominent individuals. The present catalog includes, among others, an entry for Melanchthon’s address on the occasion of Luther’s death. Authorship, holding repository and much additional information is contained in the entries, which are indexed by a wide range of categories (personal, geographic, occupational, etc.). RLK

Ruckaberle, Axel, ed. Metzler Lexikon Weltliteratur: 1000 Autoren von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2006. 3 vols. ISBN 3476020932. € 129.95

About one-half of the articles previously appeared in one of several Metzler literary encyclopedias; the other half are new to this work, with the preponderance being gleaned from the German-speaking authors. Moderate-length articles are signed and, especially in the case of more established writers, include a citation at the end to a collected works edition. The latter are more often than not the German translation edition. Anonymous works also included (e.g. Beowulf). A list of covered authors is found in vol. 1. RLK

Duden, Deutsches Universalwörterbuch / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion. 6., überarbeitete und erw. Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, c2007. 2,016 pp. ISBN 3411055065 (book without CD-ROM). € 36. Since the 5th ed. (2003),

Duden has updated and enlarged its dictionary, which now has 2,016 pages. The 6th edition contains 10,000 new entries and 60 optically highlighted entry articles. This edition also is available with CD-ROM (ISBN 3411714239: € 44) or as CD-ROM without book (ISBN 3411064382: € 34.95) RLK

Duden Richtiges und gutes Deutsch :Wörterbuch der sprachlichen Zweifelsfälle / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion; bearbeitet von Peter Eisenberg, unter Mitwirkung von Franziska Münzberg und Kathrin Kunkel-Razum. Der Duden in zwölf Bänden, Bd. 9. 6., vollständig überarbeitete Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, c2007. 1,053 pp. ISBN 3411040963. € 21.95

Updated since the last edition of six years ago, the current Duden retains the integrated alphabetical arrangement comprised of both single words or phrases and broad usage concepts. Discussion of form and usage is sufficiently in-depth. RLK

Duden, das große Fremdwörterbuch: Herkunft und Bedeutung der Fremdwörter / herausgegeben und bearbeitet vom Wissenschaftlichen Rat der Dudenredaktion. 4., aktualisierte Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, c2007. 1,548 pp. + CD-ROM. ISBN 3411041641. € 49.95.

Provides the etymology, meaning and usage of over 85,000 words of foreign-to-German origin, and a special section “Deutsches Wort – Fremdwort” providing over 40,000 foreign equivalents to 16,000 German words. The 4th ed. now is accompanied by a CD-ROM which contains the full contents of the print volume and is searchable by multiple methods, along with other Duden dictionaries one may have installed on the machine; may be used on PC, Max OS X, and Linus. RLK


Dicionário temático da lusofonia. Ed. Fernando Cristóvão. Lisboa, etc.: Associação de Cultura Lusófona; Texto Editores, 2005. 975 p.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 9789724729350 (hbk.) 9724729354 (hbk.): $75

An encyclopedic dictionary of culture(s) in Portuguese-speaking countries, largely arranged in chapters: anthropology, archives, libraries, arts, mass communication, sport, law, economy, publishing, education, scholarly research, military, gastronomy, geography, history, institutions and organizations, language, literature, migration, social movements, politics, regions, religions, health, tourism, and travel. Articles, signed by Lusophone academics, typically conclude with a selective bibliography; most are country specific, but some, e. g., multiculturalismo, transcend boundaries. The thematic table of contents serves as the only index. JKL

García Calvo, Agustín. Tratado de rítmica y prosodia y de métrica y versificación. Zamora: Lucina, 2006. 1691 p.; 25 cm + 1 (Folleto) Index. ISBN 8485708717: $145.78

A very detailed treatment of rhythm, prosody, and metric forms in Spanish and other European literatures. Includes a 1-page bibliography and an index of authors, cited passages, and subjects in a separate pamphlet. JKL

Gómez Torrego, Leonardo. Hablar y escribir correctamente: gramática normativa del español actual. Madrid: Arco/Libros, 2006. 2 v. 445, 895 p.; 22 cm. ISBN:8476356536 (obra completa): $43.96

A systematic scholarly normative grammar of peninsular Castilian, being a complete revision of the author’s 2002 Nuevo manual de español correcto in light of the Real Academia Española’s 2005 Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (the latter noted in our Fall 2006 issue). Each volume contains a separate index of words treated; includes a 1-page bibliography. JKL

Gramàtica normativa valenciana. Valencia: Publicacions de l’Academia Valenciana de la Llengua, 2006. 408 p.; 25 cm. (Col.lecció Textos normatius; 2) ISBN 9788448244224: € 14 A systematic reference grammar of Valencian, with a list of names of inhabitants of particular places (gentilicis) and an index of tables. Also available on the web at http://www.avl.gva.es/PDF/GNV.pdf. JKL

Gran diccionario século21 da lingua galega. Ed. Xosé Antonio Pena. Vigo: Galaxia; Do Cumio, 2005. 1446 p.; 28 cm. ISBN 8482888757: € 62.50

A desk-sized monolingual Gallegan dictionary with 80,000 entries covering 300,000 acceptions, offering etymologies, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, occasional unsourced illustrative examples, and cross references. A grammatical appendix covers various categories including verb conjugation tables, toponyms, and inhabitants’ names. JKL

Gran diccionario século21: galego/castelán, castelán/galego. Ed. Xosé Avelino Hermida Borrajo. Vigo: Editorial Galaxia ; Vilaboa Vigo: Edicions do Cumio, 2006. 1150 p.; 29 cm. ISBN 8482889060: € 55.77

A desk-sized bilingual Castilian-Gallegan/Gallegan-Castilian dictionary with 125,000 entries offering 400,000 acceptions and showing parts of speech and equivalents and synonyms in the other language. JKL

Martí Mestre, Joaquim. Diccionari històric del Valencià col·loquial (segles XVII, XVIII i XIX). València: Universitat de València, 2006. 615 p.; 22 cm. (Biblioteca lingüística catalana; 29) ISBN 8437062632: € 28.85

A scholarly dictionary of modern colloquial Valencian. Entries give popular acceptions, locutions, documented examples, and references to lexicographical and other sources. Includes a 44-page bibliography. JKL

Mondéjar, José. Bibliografía sistemática y cronologíca de las hablas andaluzas. 2a. ed. aum. Málaga: Universidad de Málaga, Servicio de Publicaciones e Intercambio Científico; Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada, 2006. 275 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8497471083: $21.74

A classed, occasionally annotated bibliography of 1,428 books and articles on Andalusian languages. Includes an index of names. JKL

Revistas literarias españolas del siglo XX (1919-1975). Ed. Manuel J. Ramos Ortega. Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, c2005. 3 v.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8478952225: $184.51

A collection of scholarly histories of almost 50 significant 20th-century Spanish literary reviews, each one followed by the table of contents of the review under study–an important means of access. Each of the 6 chronological chapters comports an index of the reviews’ collaborators. Includes a 25-page general bibliogaphy. JKL

Rodríguez González, Félix. Diccionario de terminología y argot militar: vocabulario del soldado y la vida del cuartel. Madrid: Editorial Verbum, c2005. 317 p.; 20 cm. (Diccionarios Editorial Verbum) ISBN 8479623349: $21.74

The trouble with the Spanish is that they don’t have a word for conquistador. This glossary of military jargon in Castilian is more up to date than the reprint of the 19th-century dictionary we noted in our Fall 2003 issue. Entries give definitions, register, frequency, etymologies, and illustrative examples and commentaries. Includes a 4-page bibliography and a thematic index. JKL

Sanmartín Sáez, Julia. Diccionario de argot. Pozuelo de Alarcón: Espasa, 2006, c1998. 867 p.; 19 cm. (Espasa léxicos) ISBN 8467021381: $27.54.

An updated version of a slang dictionary noted in our Spring 1999 issue; offers more than 12,000 examples of real use of more than 5,000 terms, according to the publisher’s cover blurb. JKL

Biblioteca Nacional (Spain). Guía de catálogos impresos de la Biblioteca Nacional. Ed. Juan Delgado. 3d ed. Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2006. 155 p. ; 25 cm. ISBN 8488699956: € 7.69

A catalog of 514 printed catalogs from the Spanish national library. Includes indices of authors, subjects, and titles. JKL


Loeber, Rolf and Magda Loeber with Anne Mullin Burnham. A Guide to Irish Fiction 1650-1900. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2006. cxv, 1,489 p. ISBN 1851829407. $120.00

Annotated bibliography of every work of Irish fiction in English, that is, fiction by an Irish author or fiction related to Ireland, up to 1900. Listings include 5,889 titles and biographical notes on 1,455 authors. The first work of its kind, it includes a large introduction, information on title locations, and indexes of persons, titles, publishers, historic periods, themes and settings. AC


Cammarota, M. D. (M. Domenico) Futurismo: bibliografia di 500 scrittori italiani. Milano: Skira, c2006. 285 p.: ill.; 21 cm. (Documenti del MART; 10) ISBN 8876248102: € 25

A bibliography of Futurist authors, collected works, periodicals, manifestos, and pamphlets. Includes a list of pseudonyms, but no index. JKL

Capozza, Nicoletta. Tutti i lazzi della commedia dell’arte: un catalogo ragionato del patrimonio dei comici. Roma: D. Audino, 2006. 366 p. ; 21 cm. (Manuali di Script; 85) ISBN 9788875270124: € 45 A classified catalog of 1,830 sight gags and routines from the real golden age of slapstick (the sources go from 1611 to ca. 1740).

Each category comports an explanatory note and each article includes the original description and a translation in modern Italian, with an indication of the source. Includes a 4-page bibliography and an index of stock characters. JKL

Dizionario delle opere della letteratura italiana. Ed. Alberto Asor Rosa. Torino: G. Einaudi, 2006. 2 v.; 695, 772 p.; 21 cm. (Piccole grandi opere;7) ISBN 8806185365, 880618542X: € 28/vol.

A dictionary of 2,250 works in the canon of Italian literature from Francis of Assisi’s Cantico delle creature to Calvino’s Lezioni americane, with signed articles describing each work’s structure, content, and major themes. Bibliographies at the end of each entry cite major editions, but not studies, and give references to the editor’s Letteratura italiana. Dizionario delle opere, noted in our Fall 2000 issue. Includes cross-references and an index of authors treated. JKL

Lavezzi, Gianfranca. I numeri della poesia: guida alla metrica italiana. Roma: Carocci, 2006. 266 p.; 22 cm. (Quality paperbacks; 190) ISBN 8843038974: € 14.50

A streamlined version of the author’s 1996 Manuale di metrica italiana, with 3 chapters on classical forms and a long conclusion on 20th-century developments. Each chapter ends with a selective bibliography; there are also a general classed bibliography and indices of subjects and names. JKL

LIO-ITS: repertorio della lirica italiana delle origini: incipitario dei testi a stampa (secoli XIII-XVI) su CD-ROM. Eds. Lino Leonardi, Giuseppe Marrani. Tavarnuzze (Firenze): SISMEL edizioni del Galluzzo, 2005. 1 CD-ROM; 12 cm. + 1 v. (xi, 120 p.). (Archivio romanzo; 10) ISBN 8884501725: € 120

A first-line index of Medieval and Renaissance Italian lyric poetry. JKL

Porcelli, Bruno; and Terrusi Leonardo. L’onomastica letteraria in Italia dal 1980 al 2005: repertorio bibliografico con abstracts. Pisa: ETS, c2006. 265 p.; 24 cm. (Nominatio. Serie Dizionari e repertori;2) ISBN 8846715497: € 25

A classed, annotated bibliography of a quarter century of scholarly studies on names in literature, with 341 of the 636 entries pertaining to Italian literature. Each chapter is preceded by a brief état présent. Includes indices of authors of the studies and of the authors studied. JKL

Russo, Domenico. LIN: lessico italiano di notorieta 2004: prototipo. Roma: Aracne, 2004. 375 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8879998986: € 20
–. LIN: lessico italiano di Notorieta 2004: il lessico di alta disponibilita. Roma: Aracne, 2005. 482 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8854804266: € 25
–. Test di conoscenza delle parole: schede di rilevazione per calcolare il grado di notorieta delle parole piu usate in italiano. Roma: Aracne, 2004. 404 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8879998064: € 18.50

Installments in the reports on the project studying the best-known, as opposed to most-used, Italian words, first noted in our Fall 2006 issue. Theses volumes explain the methodology and present the results in ranked and alphabetical lists, and include bibliographies. JKL Siciliane: dizionario biografico. Ed. Marinella Fiume. Siracusa: E. Romeo, 2006. 1037 p., 58 p. of plates: ill. ; 25 cm. ISBN 9788874280575: € 70 A biographical dictionary of women born or having lived in Sicily. The signed articles are grouped chronologically. Includes thumbnail biographies of the scores of contributors, as well as an index of the articles by author. JKL