Podcasting a Year Later: Scandinavia

WESS Newsletter

Spring 2007, Vol. 30, No. 2

By Hank Harken (hharken2@Cox.net)

This article continues and builds on the subject of non-English language podcasts from Western Europe begun in the Spring 2006 issue of the WESS Newsletter. At that time, it was clear that podcasting was already beyond a geek or computing hobbyist activity and had been adopted by mainstream radio organizations as another way to distribute content. A year later, new subjects continue to be added to the world of podcasts. The previously discussed free podcast client software, iTunes and Juice, are still useful though iTunes, for MS-Windows or Macintosh, may be preferred for its clear interface and built-in access to an online directory. Computer users are not limited to either iTunes or Juice.

Though some podcast directory sites mentioned last year are unavailable or no longer updated, current and updated listings of podcasts and announcements of new podcasts are still available at Podcast Alley, and in the online podcast directory available through iTunes. Other general podcast directories may be found by using the standard web search services.

One directory discovered recently is PodFeed.net. For Western Europe, the international section of this resource provides some non-English podcasts. The same category on Podcast.net is still updated. The regional section of the Podcast Directory also continues (and its confusing display interface still needs improvement). Of the national or language-oriented directories mentioned in the Spring 2006 article, the German language site Podster.de is still thriving but the French language directories Podblaster and Podcast-France have disappeared. Links for current podcast directories are listed at the end of this article.

Podcasts from Scandinavia
Moving outside a language comfort zone, here are some podcast sources from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The objective is to provide information for the language expert wanting a starting point for these audio and video sources, and the emphasis in selection has been on professionally produced material. For other sources, please refer to the directories mentioned earlier. Since most readers are likely to prefer the government broadcasters’ sources, these are listed first for each country. The commercial radio sources may be comparable in content to similar U.S. commercial radio stations.

Sveriges Radio
Alla poddradioprogram A-Ö
The complete listings of Sveriges Radio podcasts, yes, alphabetically arranged A-Ö. The podcasts mostly originate from and are tagged as appropriate with Sveriges Radio’s separately broadcast P1 (news and spoken word), P2 (classical and jazz music programs plus other items), P3 (light music, current affairs, and other items for audiences under 40), P4 (regional network programs), and P5 (local programs). One podcast appears to be directed to the Saami/Lapp. In addition, some programs of Radio Sweden, the international service of Sveriges Radio, are available as podcasts in various languages.
Sveriges Utbildningsradio
The podcast page for Sveriges Utbildningsradio (the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company):

Swedish Commercial Radio Podcasts
Mix Megapol
Information on subscribing with a list of available podcasts:
NRJ (Energy)
Available podcasts with instructions:
Available podcasts with instructions:

Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK)
Instructions and a list of available podcasts:
NRK has embraced the video podcast and this is the list:

Norwegian Commercial Station Podcasts
Kanal 24
There is no direct link to the podcast list. Click on the text above the current day program listings where it says: “Hør våre Podcasts!”

DR Radio
The main podcast page; use the selections on the left side to navigate to other podcast sections:
This is the main page for audio podcasts:
There are video podcasts available for subscription here:http://www.dr.dk/Podcast/Video/index.htm

Ylesradio (YLE – Finnish Broadcasting Company)
Information on podcasts, a long list of available podcasts for subscription, with the raw xml code for each to paste into your podcasting client:
There are separate lists available for the divisions of YLE:
YLE Radio 1
YLE Radio Suomen
YLE Radio Peili

Finnish Commercial Radio Podcasts
NRJ (Energy)
Information on receiving podcasts and lists of available podcast programs:
Categories of podcasts are selected through a dropdown menu. A simple click on the pages’ iTune link works well for users of that software for subscribing. It’s a bit bewildering for others.

General Podcast Directories Mentioned
Accessed through the software
Podcast Alley
PodFeed.net- International podcasts
Podcast.net – International section
Podcast Directory – regional section