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Classiques Garnier offers academic libraries, public libraries, and research centers access to fulltext databases, online book collections and journals in the fields of literature, language and linguistics, humanities and social sciences.

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Classiques Garnier Numérique
6 rue de la Sorbonne
75005 Paris, France
Phone: 01 43 26 16 58
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Email Cécile Waroquaux (Sales)

Products and Services:

Founded in 1833 in Paris by the Garnier brothers, Classiques Garnier is an independent academic publisher. We publish both reference editions of primary sources and secondary literature in a wide range of topics: French and Francophone literature, theatre, French language and linguistics, philosophy and religion, classical studies, history, arts, media, economics and management, law, political sciences.

Our catalogue is offering 4,500+ single ebook titles included in 100 subject-based collections; 65+ journals; and 30 databases (dictionaries, grammars, literature, encyclopaedias, bibliographies). Our pricing model is based on purchase and perpetual access.

Flagship products include the Classiques Jaunes ebook collection, the Bibliography of French Literature, the Great Corpus of French and French-speaking Literatures (Middle Ages to 20th Century), the Great Corpus of French language Grammars, Remarks and Treatises on language (14th-18th centuries), the Great Corpus of Dictionaries (9th to 20th century).