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Publications from the Netherlands and Belgium, also specializes in supplying publications from the US, the UK, Germany, Italy and the Scandinavian countries.

Contact Information:

Netherlands Office (Mail)
Postbus 19140
1000 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Netherlands Office (Street Address)
Veemarkt 207
1019 CJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-20-5353433
Email Netherlands Office

French Office:
Librairie Erasmus
52, Rue Bichat
75010 Paris
Phone: +33-1-43 48 03 20
Email France Office

Sales Representatives:

Email Dirk Raes
Email Joleen McFarlane

Products and Services:

Erasmus is an international library supplier with offices in Amsterdam and Paris. We
support the collection development of university libraries, national libraries, museum libraries, libraries of international organizations and specialist research libraries. Our services include the supply of monographs, exhibition catalogues, gray literature, serials and standing orders from all over the world.

Our Paris office manages the distribution of French language material, from Amsterdam we have well established networks across Europe and the globe. Due to our expertise and experience, we are particularly strong in providing publications from across the spectrum – from commercial to self-published and non-commercial. To provide good customer support in multiple languages is an important part of our service offering. We combine this with an easy to use acquisition website with a catalogue of over 29 million titles, order tracing services and access to your account information.

We provide shelf ready services according to our customer’s specifications. Our highly qualified selectors manage new title services and approval plans for some of the most prestigious libraries.