Author: Sara Miller

Framework Spotlight on Scholarship: Gregory and Higgins’ “Reorienting an Information Literacy Program toward Social Justice” and Saunders’ “Connecting Information Literacy and Social Justice”

This month’s Spotlight on Framework Scholarship features two articles from the latest issue of Communications in Information Literacy, both focused on the Framework and social justice. Both articles discuss the ALA core value of social responsibility and emphasize the contextuality and flexibilty of the Framework. The articles diverge in their approaches toward

Framework Spotlight on Scholarship: Corrall’s “Crossing the threshold”

Corrall, S. (2017). Crossing the threshold: reflective practice in information literacy development. Journal of Information Literacy, 11(1), 23. Welcome back to the ACRL Framework Spotlight on Scholarship! This week’s featured article comes to us from Sheila Corrall, Professor, Department of Information Culture & Data Stewardship at the University of Pittsburgh’s School

The ACRL Framework Sandbox is accepting contributions!

The ACRL Framework Sandbox: is accepting contributions! The Sandbox is a place of discovery and sharing of information literacy resources related to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. This openly accessible platform and repository provides opportunities for collaboration and innovation in approaches to the Framework, both in the classroom

Framework Spotlight on Scholarship: Shields and Cugliari’s “Scholarship as Conversation”

Shields, K., & Cugliari, C. (2017). “Scholarship as Conversation” Introducing students to research in nonprofit studies. College & Research Libraries News, 78(3), 137–141. The April Spotlight features a practical and specific example of Framework theory and application which touches upon disciplinary particulars, conversations between librarians and teaching faculty, and instructional design.

Framework Spotlight on Scholarship Returning in April 2017

The Spotlight on Scholarship post series is returning after a brief hiatus. Sara Miller will be taking over the post series from Donna Witek. Many thanks to Donna for her thoughtful development of this column. If you have any suggestions for scholarship that you would like to be considered for the Spotlight