Framework Spotlight on Scholarship: “The New ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: Implications for Library Instruction & Educational Reform” by Baer

This week’s Spotlight on Scholarship features Andrea Baer’s article “The New ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: Implications for Library Instruction & Educational Reform,” published in InULA Notes in Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 2015, pp. 5-8.

This article was published in spring 2015 soon after the officially ‘filed’ Framework was made available to the profession, and provides a clear and readable primer to both the Framework’s contents and its significance to our work as instruction librarians. In it, Baer outlines some of the differences between the Standards and the Framework; excerpts the six concepts that anchor the frames; and begins to develop how the frames intersect in both theory and practice. The article also highlights the fact that the knowledge practices and dispositions offered in the Framework, though constructed in some ways like learning outcomes, are more conceptual and complex than traditional learning outcomes in how they “foreground metacognitive thinking” as a means of reflecting on one’s own learning process and biases, necessitating the development of measurable learning outcomes at the local level designed to guide the student toward a deeper understanding of research and information. Baer connects this shift in approach to information literacy learning to the need for a shift in how we approach information literacy teaching, where librarians’ collective, developing expertise in “student research behaviors, research assignment design, scholarly communications, information architecture, and curricular development” can be put in service of information literacy learning that is integrated throughout the curriculum. This article is useful because it situates the Framework’s value in how it can transform our approach to instruction with the goal of impacting student learning in ways that are pragmatic in their transferability between and among learning contexts.

Andrea Baer is Undergraduate Education Librarian, Teaching & Learning, in the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.  

The “Framework Spotlight on Scholarship” column is a weekly post series highlighting scholarship that uses, builds on, critiques, or responds to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.