Framework Spotlight on Scholarship: Witek’s “Becoming gardeners”

Today’s Spotlight on Scholarship features the article “Becoming gardeners: Seeding local curricula with the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy” by Donna Witek, published in College & Research Libraries News in Volume 77, Number 10, November 2016, pp. 504-508.

This article proposes a way to use the Framework to integrate information literacy at various developmental levels within the local campus-wide curriculum. Witek offers an example of mapping the information literacy frames to the revised core general education curriculum at her institution, articulating the generative relationship between this campus-wide curriculum and her library’s information literacy program student learning outcomes. Using the metaphor of librarians-as-gardeners, the article makes the case for understanding the Framework as a tool and source for deeply integrating information literacy “vertically” within local curricula, and through the process developing further these information literacy concepts as they exist in students’ programs of study. The article is valuable as an example of using the Framework programmatically with the goal of curricular integration, collaboration with faculty across disciplines, and creating opportunities for students to revisit core information literacy concepts at various developmental levels within their programs of study.

Donna Witek is a Public Services Librarian in the Weinberg Memorial Library at the University of Scranton.

The “Framework Spotlight on Scholarship” column is a regular post series highlighting scholarship that uses, builds on, critiques, or responds to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.