What’s Next as the Framework Advisory Board’s Term Ends

The two-year term of the Framework Advisory Board (FAB), which was tasked with developing resources for professional development in support of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, has come to an end. At ALA Midwinter 2017, the ACRL Board of Directors took action to further integrate these resources into the fabric of ACRL: beginning in July 2017, the new home for FAB’s priority projects will be the Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee (SLILC). SLILC is one of four ACRL goal-area committees that work to advance the strategic priorities articulated in the ACRL Plan for Excellence.

The Framework priority projects include the ACRL Framework Sandbox, the ACRL Framework Toolkit, and the ACRL licensed workshop Engaging with the ACRL Framework: A Catalyst for Exploring and Expanding Our Teaching Practices.

In conjunction with this transition, the ACRL Board has also supported the appointment of former members of FAB to SLILC effective July 1, 2017. They will bring their knowledge and expertise to the work of SLILC to maintain and further develop these resources in support of the academic library community. Other resources that will accompany this transition to SLILC include the Framework discussion list and the Framework WordPress website.

By transitioning these Framework-related resources so that they are now under the purview of SLILC, the connection between the Framework and the ACRL’s strategic priority of student learning is evident.

FAB is grateful to the ACRL Board and the leadership of SLILC for bringing our work under the umbrella of the goal area committee for student learning. Those of us who are continuing to serve on SLILC in support of these resources are excited to embark on this next phase of the association’s work in supporting the Framework.