Submit to Spring 2022 Biblio-Notes by 4/29!

Send your submissions for the spring 2022 issue in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .rtf format to LES Biblio-Notes ( by 29 April 2022.

Here is a link to the Fall 2021 newsletter:…

To conform to the Literature in English Section’s (LES) commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, please conform to the following stylistic elements:

  • Use inclusive language, spell out acronyms, and avoid jargon
  • For authors willing to provide them, please include preferred personal pronouns

Ideas for Biblio-Notes articles can include, but are not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Updates/talks/news related to past or forthcoming conferences
  • Innovative projects related to LES at your library
  • Completed or ongoing research projects, scholarship, or other similar content 
  • Library instruction, instructional design, etc. during the pandemic
  • How to develop inclusive literary collections, services, outreach and engagement initiatives, or instructional support
  • Were you recently hired, promoted, published, tenured, or otherwise excellent? Your fellow LES members want to know!
  • Contribute to the “What’s In Your Bag” feature by writing a brief piece that describes a book or books that you read this fall or winter
  • Given that LES endorses the anti-racist actions outlined in ALA Black Caucus’s Statement on Racial Violence, how have you participated to create a more just society? What role, if any, can literature, poetry, creative non-fiction, etc., play in how you envision and materialize such a society?

Biblio-Notes is a newsletter. Brief articles are welcome (25­­­­­­­0-1000 words). If you have any ideas for an article or other relevant content, feel free to let us know. 

We look forward to reading your submissions. 

All the best, 

Stacy Reardon and Matt Roberts 

Editors, Biblio-Notes 

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