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RIG supports resident librarians, former resident librarians, and any interested parties to network, share their expertise, and promote resident librarian groups through: a) centralization of information regarding program availability; b) communication and promotion of core competencies and program evaluation; c) the overall advancement of resident education and residents’ professional success through inter-collegiate collaboration. The Residency Interest group provides opportunities and a platform for current and former resident librarians and other interested parties to share their experiences, research, and availability of library residencies. We believe that a resident librarian’s point of view is important to the development, growth, and success of a residency program RIG decided to edit the charge to make it more descriptive of the goals and projects we are currently working on.

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Hello Current Residents!

The Subgroup on diversity residencies is accepting feedback through the Diversity Residency Feedback form. Please use this form to provide feedback and useful information that will help to inform and develop any future changes to the Diversity Residency Toolkit. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact ACRL RIG Convener, 2023-2024 Mallary Rawls at Thank you.

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