ACRL Approves Petition to Create Residency Interest Group

There is going to be an official press release from ACRL next Tuesday, but I thought I would go ahead and share some good news here.

Last Sunday, I received a memo from Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL’s Executive Director, regarding a petition to create an Interest Group within ACRL.  Here’s an excerpt from the memo:

I am pleased to inform you that the ACRL Executive Committee, at its October 24, 2008, meeting in Chicago, approved the establishment of a Residency Interest Group with the following statement of purpose:

To support the creation, implementation, management, and promotion of library residency programs though a) the centralization of information regarding program availability; b) the creation of core competencies, evaluation, and assessment standards; c) the overall advancement of the quality of resident education through inter-collegiate collaboration…The ACRL Board is very excited to welcome the Residency Interest Group as the very first Interest Group created under its new bylaws!

Mary Ellen Davis
ACRL Executive Director

This is a big step forward for us. Not only will we have an official home within a nationally recognized association, but we will also be given webspace on their server (expect this blog to migrate and get an overhaul), a new listerv on Sympa, meeting space at Midwinter and Annual, and some funds to support programs.

Very first Interest Group under its new bylaws = Very cool.

-Megan P.

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