ACRL RIG Annual Meeting and ACRL RIG Meet Up

We are excited to invite you to two events happening during the 2021 ALA Annual Conference. You do not need to be attending ALA Annual to join in.
ACRL RIG Annual Meeting June 24, 2021, 2 PM to 3 PM EasternRegister here
Join us at our annual meeting where we’ll get team updates, introduce our new Incoming Convener, and thank our Past Convener, Twanna Hodge, for her wonderful leadership. We are still developing the agenda but send agenda items to Sheila Garcia ( or Jessica Dai (  

ACRL RIG Meet Up June 29, 2021, 4 PM to 5 PM EasternRegister here
Want to catch up with current and former residents and fellows? Join us for a casual meet-up. There may be impromptu singing!  

Jessica Dai, ACRL RIG Incoming Convener (2020-2021)

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