ALA Shifted All Sympa Discussions to ALA Connect

As you may be aware, ALA shifted all Sympa discussions to ALA Connect. This transition was completed by May 1, 2021. I’ve copied some information about the transition below. You do not have to be a member to view or send messages via ALA Connect (see related documentation and directions below).
Please send me questions or concerns you may have. 

During the 2020 Fall Executive Meeting, the ACRL Board discussed the transition from Sympa discussion lists to ALA Connect communities, and, based on member feedback, approved the recommendation that list communications for ACRL membership groups remain open to ACRL members and non-members. (See draft proceedings for a recap of that conversation and Board packet for the background documents that are referenced there.) 

With that in mind, we are now ready to begin the transition of the main ACRL section and interest group email lists, with the goal of having these list transitions complete by May 1, 2021.

Please see the following information regarding the transition process from the Sympa platform to ALA Connect.  

How do I post to my new list?
All section ALA Connect home pages now have discussion list functionality and subscribers can begin using the following discussion list addresses:

Interest GroupEmail Address
Academic Library Services to Graduate Students Interest
Academic Library Services to International Students Interest
Access Services Interest
African-American Studies Librarians Interest
Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies Interest
Contemplative Pedagogy Interest
Digital Badges Interest
Health Sciences Interest
History Librarians Interest
Image Resources Interest
Library Marketing and Outreach Interest
Research Assessment and Metrics Interest
Residency Interest
Systematic Reviews and Related Methods Interest
Technical Services Interest
Universal Accessibility Interest
Virtual Worlds Interest

When a member sends a message to the new Connect email address, it will post directly to your group’s ALA Connect Community.  Additionally:

  • Members of this community will get an email notification with the full message. They can respond either directly via email or by logging into Connect and replying to the discussion post within the community.
  • Members can adjust their Connect settings to receive individual email notifications in real-time or a digest format.

How do people subscribe?

Current ACRL Members
All ALA members have an ALA Connect account connected to their ALA login. Members of ACRL interest groups/sections are automatically added to the appropriate unit’s Connect space when they add the section or interest group to their ALA-ACRL membership, and will have automatic access to the discussion list functionality. 

Non-members are welcome to create a free ALA Connect account and have access to numerous resources. Non-members can post to this unit’s list address once they create a free account, log in, and join the community.

Please visit the Connect FAQ page for more information.

While we move through this transition to Connect, staff will maintain a detailed instructional document with tips and helpful resourceshere.  

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