Beyond the Residency: From Resident to Permanent Track Librarian

Fantasia Thorne

6 Months into the Transition

Guest post written by Fantasia Thorne.

It seemed just like yesterday that I was a new resident librarian at Syracuse University, and my biggest concern was that I’d never find my way around campus. But that was in the fall of 2009, and I’m pleased to say that not only do I know my way from the parking garage to the Library, but I was promoted six months ago from the residency program to a permanent track position! With the news of my promotion I was certainly relieved to know that for the first time I’d have a full time librarian position, but it also meant that my skills and capabilities went noticed and for that I am ever grateful. So how were my first six months as a permanent track librarian? In a word… amazing.

My new position began in July and I wrongly assumed that since most students went home for the summer, the Library would be deserted and I’d be faced with the prospect of finding projects to keep me busy. Let’s just say I had spoken too soon, because there were a number of summer programs on campus and the Learning Commons offered to provide a few fun events that brought the students into the Library. I was a member of the small team that created events that were intended to give the students something to do on a number Friday nights. Not only were the “game night” events well attended, but the students enjoyed themselves so much, it was hard to ask them to leave once the night came to an end!

Of course in the midst of the fun and games of the summer, I managed to squeeze some work in. I provided a number of library instruction workshops to the freshmen students on campus during the summer, including the student athletes. Fall semester came and left in a blink of an eye, but not before I was able to provide library instruction workshops to a number of programs provided by the Office of Multicultural Affairs wherein I am the liaison librarian. I was also on a small planning team for the “Bird After Dark: Library Lock-In,” which was the Library’s 5th year of hosting the event. I created the questions that the students were required to answer for points, and the team with the most points won an amazing prize – a Kindle for each team member! With about 120 students in attendance, I’ll just say the event was wonderful and I hope I’m involved for future Library Lock-Ins!

I am still employed in the department I was hired as a resident (the Learning Commons) so my job duties are pretty much the same. I am now expected to advance through promotion, and I am looking forward to creating my portfolio so that I am prepared for the promotion process. I have an amazing supervisor, co-workers, and mentors so I feel I am right on track to continue to grow here at Syracuse. What I’ve mentioned were just the highlights of my first six months, so I look forward to seeing what the future will bring! Happy New Year!

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  1. Patty Macdonald says:

    Congratulations Fantasia and thanks for the news on all your activities and accomplishments. Syracuse sounds like a fun place to work!

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