Florida Coastal signs Damon Campbell

Damon Campbell
Damon Campbell

Damon Campbell received his MLIS from the University of Illinois’ LEEP program. He had worked in DePaul University’s Library since 2000 and, as a student, gained experience in Stacks Management and Circulation. In October of 2007, Damon joined the Minority Librarian Residency Program hosted by the University of Tennessee Libraries.

During his tenure at UTK, Damon participated in a number of research projects, poster sessions, and in-person presentations including a diversity residency assessment project, and a working database presentation at the 2008 National Diversity in Libraries Conference.  Damon is currently in the process of co-authoring a study of library resident demographics, trends, and preferences.  The study will be included in an upcoming book on residency programs to be published by Libraries Unlimited in late 2010.

Damon will complete his residency at UTK on August 27, 2009, and join the staff of the Flordia Coastal School of Law as their new Acquisitions Librarian beginning on August 31.  Good thing he left some time for transition.

Good luck, Damon; and congratulations!

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