How do you talk about your residency to potential employers?

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We know you could write a book on your residency experience, and sometimes it can be hard to communicate all the things you do in a concise way.  To help you out, Taylor Hixson, Resident Librarian at the University of Chicago, created a quick info sheet on how to market your residency. See and download the full sheet.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a library residency?

A library residency is unique for every person. The idea of the library residency is similar to what a graduate fellow, post-doc or medical resident may do in their respective fields.

Why did you choose a residency rather than a permanent position?

The library job market is tough and even more so for recent library school graduates. This is a perfect opportunity to continue creating a portfolio, learn marketable skills, and gain full-time experience essential for future jobs.

How were you able to make an impact in such a short time?

Providing enthusiasm and a new perspective can make a huge impact at any institution. Some more concrete impacts were made by…

  • conducting research
  • presenting at conferences
  • serving on library committees
  • starting new programs, initiatives, or collections
  • getting involved in professional organizations

For more help on talking about your residency, browse our resident of the month series, in which residents share experiences at many new and established residency programs.

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