Kiyomi Deards named ACRL MOW

Kiyomi Deards
Kiyomi Deards

That’s member-of-the-week, not movie-of-the-week for all you Entourage fans.  In an earlier post, I said Kiyomi is on a roll.  It seems she has not stopped.  Late last month, she was named ACRL’s member-of-the-week.  If you don’t recall or didn’t catch her bio from our earlier post, Kiyomi is currently earning her MSLIS from Drexel University.

ACRL typically asks six questions of their new MsOW.  Here are some excerpts from a few of those questions:

Why did you join ACRL?

“As a scientist I have enjoyed and relied upon the invisible college…I also wanted to get involved in a professional organization, which I did by accepting a two-year appointment as the Web Editor and List Administrator for ACRL’s Residency Interest Group.”

In your own words:

“We must be innovators, polymaths, and multitaskers, willing to adjust our methods, resources, and programs to our users evolving needs…The connectivity of today’s library community allows us to learn from each other, try competing models, compare results and emerge as a stronger, more effective, force for the promotion of knowledge and research.”

Nice.  Congratulations, Kiyomi.  Thanks for the plug, and keep on keeping on.  🙂

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