Looking for RIG Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in the Residency Interest Group! There have been many exciting developments in the ACRLresidency world in the last few years as residencies have not only increased in number, but expanded in focus, as well. RIG has decided to harness the positive momentum we’ve felt in the last few years and expand the group in a couple of small ways.

RIG is comprised of talented librarians that have worked diligently to create a successful interest group. As a result, many opportunities to provide programming and outreach to the residency community have come up. We would now like to implement some small structure changes by adding two additional committees in order to meet many of the needs of our constituents. As these committees are forming I would like to submit a request that you consider becoming a member of any one.

The two new committees would focus on areas where we’ve heard and seen a need;

  • New Members/Orientation  Focus on reaching out to new members, as well as providing informational materials to; new residents, those interested in forming residencies, those interested in conducting research into residencies, those interested in becoming residents etc. The primary focus of the group will be reaching out to new residents, and coordinators that may be in need of some direction and/or support as they navigate the residency world for the first time.
  • Programs/Presentations The P&P would develop programs and submit proposals in order to further the mission of the group in varied ways and varied places. One of the ideas discussed at the last meeting, was developing a webinar for new and prospective programs and residents.(I’m sure this would be developed in conjunction with the New Members committee.)

Each of the two new committees can actually decide on the mission vision and goals of the committee after forming.

  • Web Committee Currently the only committee of RIG, will continue to provide information on residency programs and news and happenings as they arise. The web committee’s reach and mission have expanded in the past few years and they are also looking for volunteers.

We would like 2 officers for each committee.  One would serve more as an advisor and either be a past resident, or a more seasoned librarian. Ideally the other officer would be a current resident. Under the advice of the advising committee officer, the resident officer would drive a great deal of the content and material for the year. I think residents are looking for leadership opportunities and this will be a great way that RIG can provide rich opportunities for residents. If you would like to volunteer to be a member of any of the 3 committees in a non-leadership way, we would also be very happy to have you in that capacity, as well.

I encourage you to consider joining a group and participating in some exciting endeavors in the residency field! The link below will connect you to a 3 minute form where you can let us know your volunteer interests.



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