Map of Library Residency Programs 2008

Where are the residency programs?”

This is a question I hear quite often from current students who are interested in learning more about the institutional and geographic location of active library residency programs. To help answer this question, I created a Google map of residency programs. This map will show you placemarkers for each of the different residency programs. It also contains URLs for the individual program descriptions, where they are available. The image below links to a PDF version of the map which shows placemarkers but also contains a printed list of each of the programs represented.

I hope you find them useful.
As always, comments, complaints, suggestions, and feedback is welcome.
Megan P.

6 thoughts on “Map of Library Residency Programs 2008

  1. slittletree says:

    I think it is interesting that most of programs are in the eastern half of the country. I’m also curious about their proximity to library schools.

    This reminds me of a map I wanted to create when I was investigating the recruitment of Native Americans to library school. I had this idea of mapping where library schools were in relation to Indian reservations. This was to support my point that oftentimes going to library school is out of the question for many Native people because it is difficult to leave home, especially for those who have strong connections to their community.

    In any case, it’s often difficult to leave a familiar place, like where you went to library school. I think this map of residency programs will be useful for lots of folks to know exactly where we’re at.

  2. Deborah says:

    When you have time, you should really do that map because that will be interesting to note one reason why recruitment of Native people to academic librarianship can be difficult. It gives me something to think about for the ethnic groups as well….some of us are culturally indisposed to be value strong connections to our community. I believe that is what we talked about in one of MIECL presentations–high context vs. low context cultures. For some minority groups our individual identity is inextricably linked to the community of which we are a part. I sometimes wonder if that can make it difficult for African-American librarians (of which I am one) to adjust in the academic library world…particularly at majority institutions…just a thought and possible article topic I suppose.

  3. libraryresidents says:

    One thing you can consider is using the map of ALA accredited library schools that ALA already made. It’s on their website and you can save it to your own Google Maps. Then you should be able to add the location of reservations.
    Save you some work…

    Megan P.

  4. Max says:

    yes–it is interesting that there are no western states with residency programs. Why do you think that is?

    Thanks for all your great work Megan, et al.

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