Marquette Welcomes Faith Steele!

Faith Steele
Faith Steele

In August 2009, Faith Steele began a two-year library residency appointment in the Research & Instructional Service Department of the Raynor Memorial Library at Marquette University.

She is a Lexington, KY, native and graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she received her Bachelor in Nutrition and Food Science and Masters in Library Science as a Lyman T. Johnson Fellowship Recipient. She was also awarded the first Kentucky Library Association Minority Scholarship and the Lyman T. Johnson Torchbearer award. She holds professional memberships in the American Library Association and Kentucky Library Association. During her residency, Faith will provide reference services, participate in the information literacy and instruction programs with Marquette students, and assist in collection development. Her professional interests include reference, instruction and outreach.

Congratulations, Faith!  We wish you well in the years ahead.

2 thoughts on “Marquette Welcomes Faith Steele!

  1. SHARON E says:

    The Residency Program is an excellent opportunity for future graduates. When will Marquette accept applications for their next Residency opportunity? I would love to share this information with parents, of students who are currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison People Program. Thank you in advance for your response.

  2. Kiyomi says:

    Hi Sharon,

    The next year Marquette might recruit is 2011 when Faith’s term as Resident Librarian ends. This is not a guarantee that the library will have the funds to continue the program at that time, but it is worth watching out for the opening to be announced in late 2010 or early 2011.

    Thanks for asking!


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