Mutual Aid for BIPOC Library Residents

Hi everyone,

This message has two audiences: 1) Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC) in library residencies and 2) people who are interested in providing assistance during this time.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted a virtual town hall for BIPOC residents to talk about some issues we are facing while in term-limited positions. One of the things that arose from these conversations is that we needed to create a mechanism for mutual aid for BIPOC residents at this time.

As organizers, we don’t have the resources or capacity to meet the immediate needs of all, but we can create a community to connect those with an immediate need with those who may be able to help. We believe in centering the humanity of individuals, so we will respect the requester’s privacy and only share names and information at the level indicated.

Examples of immediate needs might be:

Job Related:

  • Job-related coaching in a specific subject specialty and/or by someone with a specific identity/ies
  • Group editing of cover letters and CVs
  • Sharing local job posting that don’t make national lists
  • Assistance with reviewing benefits packages
  • Assistance reviewing tenure and promotion and other related documentation. 


  • Donations and/or boosts of GoFundMe campaigns, Venmo, or Cash App
  • Space to store things while moving to or from a specific location
  • Finding housing

Form to request help:

Volunteer form: 

Spreadsheet of volunteers: 

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. 

In solidarity,

Twanna Hodge 
RIG Convener
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Librarian
University of Florida 
Former Resident Librarian 

Deborah Yun Caldwell 
Diversity Resident Librarian
UNC Greensboro 

Jessica Dai
Resident Librarian
RIG New Members and Mentorship Team Lead
West Virginia University

Denisse Solis
Residency Librarian
University of Denver

Tarida Anantachai
Lead Librarian, Learning Commons
Syracuse University
Former Resident Librarian

Kenya Flash
Librarian, Pol. Sci., Global Affairs & Gov. Info.
Yale University
Former Resident Librarian

Nikhat Ghouse
Associate Librarian for the Social Sciences &
Coordinator, Diversity Alliance Residency Program
Former Resident Librarian

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