New Resident listserv

Just a quick announcement:  I’ve arranged for our Systems department at U of A to support the creation and maintenance of a listserv exclusively for the residents.  This second list will allow the residents to interact with each other, work on their Group projects, participate in online discussion forums, have some dialogue about some shared readings and discussion questions, focus their development, and accelerate their fellowship with one another…all without overcrowding the inbox of every member of the Group.  One of the outstanding issues that emerged during our Residents Night Out at Midwinter was the need for our own place to work and talk with each other.   This list is being created to help satisfy that need.  It’s also being created to help preclude RWG email burnout.

To get the list up and running I need help with a couple of things.

  • First, if you are a resident and want to be added to this list, and I would encourage all of you residents to do so, send me your name and email address and I will add you.
  • Second, we need to name our list.  It should be distinct from ARL-Residencies so we don’t confuse the two, but we have an eight character limit.  Hmmm.  I’m taking suggestions but I’d like to get this up and going so if you have an idea, please speak up in the next day or two.
  • Third, spread the word.  The more residents we have, the more lively the discussion.

One of the first things I’d like to do with out list is set up a little reading discussion.  I’ve pulled together some resources for a leadership module (short readings broken into different areas with questions for discussion).  I know leadership wasn’t our first priority when we met at Midwinter, but it was something I was able to pull together quickly.  Besides, this is a work in progress.  I’d like us to use the list as our vehicle for discussion of the readings and as a prelude to a larger curricular development program.  This will give us a chance to test our pace and format and content and all of those things before going on to a more complex e-learning tool.

Please ask if you have any questions about any of this.
Looking forward to seeing you in the residents’ reading room.
Megan P.

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