Newbie Dispatches, Episode One: Publishing For New Graduates

Megan Perez
Megan Perez

The Newbie Dispatches are a series of podcasts recorded exclusively by the Residency Interest Group on a variety of topics of interest to current and former library residents, current library science students, new graduates, and early career librarians.  Episode One regards the publication of a manuscript by a recent graduate, Megan Perez.

Megan is the current Librarian-In-Residence at the University of Arkansas.  He is also the co-editor and contributing author of a forthcoming book on library residencies scheduled for release in January of 2011 by Libraries Unlimited.

Please join us for our very first podcast as we discus the contents of the book, tips for writing a manuscript prospectus, and strategies for getting into the world of academic publishing.

Newbie Dispatches Episode I

Music: Strange Italian Song (Remixed) by Juanitos / CC BY 2.0

Be sure to check back regularly for future casts on conference updates, research in progress, and professional development workshops.  Suggestions are accepted and welcome.  Feel free to use the comment page to send us your request for a topic you’d like to see covered.

13 thoughts on “Newbie Dispatches, Episode One: Publishing For New Graduates

  1. Ava Iuliano says:

    Excellent podcast! I’d love to hear something more geared towards publishing journal articles, however. I’d love to publish but writing a book right off the bat seems a little daunting. Any advice for where and how to get started on an academic journal article? Thanks and keep up the good work!


  2. megan says:

    thank you, ava. i’m pleased you enjoyed our first ‘cast. a new session on publishing journal articles is a great idea. i think we can handle that, and soon. in fact, something on this subject is already in the works. stay tuned…

    thanks again for your support.

  3. Patty MacDonald says:

    Great podcast! Very informative about residencies and the process of getting a book from idea to publishing. You both seemed well-prepared but very relaxed. Excellent work and I look forward to the next episode!


  4. megan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to listen, Patty. Kiyomi is very composed and keeps me centered when I spin out of control so it’s great working with her. I too am looking forward to the next dispatch. 🙂

  5. Kacy Lundstrom says:

    I found this really useful – as a brand new librarian, I look forward to more of these.

    And, for the record, I think a 20-30 minute podcast is the perfect length.

  6. megan says:

    Thank you, Kacy! I’m glad to hear you found it useful. Good to know the length is spot on too. We took some time to consider that specific feature so I’m glad it paid off. We’re working away on our next ‘cast: publishing a journal article. It’ll be a two parter. It should be up soon too. The plan is to record this Saturday. Stay tuned…

  7. Erin C says:

    Congrats on your project! Great that someone “new” is already making such great contributions. Will be looking forward to hearing more from you. Good Luck!

  8. ERC says:

    WOW 695 views! That is incredible! Glad to know the word is getting out. Also getting re-posts on other sites… not bad for a newbie.

  9. Tyler Dzuba says:

    Excellent advice! I’m wrapping up my first year at SILS, and hearing from someone who is just a few years ahead of me and off to a great start is really encouraging. Thanks for the tips, and I look forward to hearing more soon!

  10. megan says:

    nice! i mean, thank you. i’m a recent sils grad, too! feel free to spread the word around sils-students if you’re on that listserv. might as well get it out there for people to listen to. it is, after all, intended for current students and recent grads.

    thanks again, tyler.

  11. Hannah Rose says:

    Please consider putting this podcast on itunes. It is a very interesting and informative podcast but I think it would be easier to listen to if you could take it with you wherever you went on your ipod. Thank you!

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