Newbie Dispatches, Episode Two: Trevor Dawes, the 2010 NDLC, and program planning skills

The Newbie Dispatches are a series of podcasts recorded exclusively by the Residency Interest Group on a variety of topics of interest to current and former library residents, current library science students, new graduates, and early career librarians.

In this cast, we will be talking with Trevor Dawes about the upcoming 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference to be held July 14-16, 2010 at Princeton University.  Trevor is  the Circulation Services Director at Princeton University, and the chair of the 2010 NDLC planning committee.

Trevor A. Dawes

Details of the conference (date, place, registration), its purpose and value, and some of the programs it will offer are all part of the discussion.  Trevor also offers his view on special skills that new graduates will need to plan a regional, state, or national conference.  (One quick tip: he recommends The Project Management Memory Jogger by Paula Martin).  He will also share his thoughts on the meaning of diversity in the library community.

Complete details for the conference including registration information, bios of the keynote speakers, a conference program (PDF version also available) and schedule, and a list of poster sessions can all be found on the official conference website.

Some sessions of note are:

  • Outreach to inmates; Kindles in kiddie jail by Felicia A. Smith, former resident at Notre Dame.
  • The embodied teacher: Fat, queer, disabled authorities by Emily Drabinski, Lia Friedman, Maria T. Accardi, and Alana Kumbier (look for her in an upcoming cast).
  • ARL career enhancement program: Practical experience in research libraries by Kathel Dunn (program director of the NLM Associate Fellowship Program), Alanna Aiko Moore, Mark Puente, and Yani Yancey.
  • Resources for international students: Using focus groups to promote and develop library services (poster) by Ligaya Ganster, former resident at SUNY Buffalo.
  • Recruiting future librarians with diverse backgrounds through a partnership project in north carolina (poster) by Sha Li Zhang, Gerald Holmes (residency program coordinator at UNCG), Julie Hersberger, and Jason Alston (resident at UNCG).
  • Are we closing one gap while widening another? (poster) by Shannon Simpson, resident at Towson University.
  • Deep History, Steep Climb: African American Male Librarians and LIS Recruitment and Retention (poster) by Kaetrena Davis-Kendrick.

Music: Strange Italian Song by Juanitos / CC BY 2.0 (Remixed by ACRL RIG)

Be sure to check back regularly for future casts on conference updates, research in progress, and professional development workshops.

We hope you find it useful.  –Megan and Kiyomi

Don’t forget: suggestions for podcast topics are accepted and most welcome.  Feel free to use the comment page to send us your request.

2 thoughts on “Newbie Dispatches, Episode Two: Trevor Dawes, the 2010 NDLC, and program planning skills

  1. Camille Ann Brewer says:

    Thank you for posting this Podcast. I wish I had known about this conference sooner. Unfortunately, I have other travels for the week of July 12.

    I am a MLIS degree candidate at Valdosta State University. Diversity issues were not discussed in class or covered in course assignments. the subject was clearly avoided by the faculty at VSU.

    This would have been a great opportunity for me to meeting other librarians who share a common interest.

    Thanks, again for the recording.

    Camille Ann Brewer

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