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The ACRL Residency Interest Group is an assembly of library residents (both current and former), residency program coordinators, library deans, administrators, diversity officers, and human resources professionals from over 20 different library systems across the country.

You can see members of RIG, and a directory of our current and former residents on our People page.

If you are a current resident or residency coordinator, or a former resident that didn't know about us til now, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out a brief form to be added to our directory.

We also feature a new resident each month in our 'Resident of the Month' feature. Read these features to learn more about the unique experiences to residencies.


Library residency programs rise and fall each year. Some programs have been in operation for over a decade, while others have been suspended after only one cycle of operation.

View a map of known active residency programs

RIG works hard to collect and update our program directory as these changes occur, however, if you see information that is out of date, please Let us know!

Residency programs require substantial resources such as money, time, and supervisors to continue in operation from year to year. ACRL's Diversity Alliance Task Force unites academic libraries who share a commitment create one or more residency positions. RIG works closely with this task force to facilitate deeper understanding of residencies in a network that allows for sharing of ideas, resources, and best practices.