Residency Interest Group Meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago


Please join us for the Residency Interest Group Meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago. All are welcome including current and former residents, residency program coordinators, library administrators interested in developing a residency program, and library students interested in a residency position. We would love to meet or reconnect with fellow RIG members out there!

ACRL Residency Interest Group (RIG)

ALA 2013 Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 29, 2013

3:00pm to 4:00pm

Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel, Skyway 273


Below is the agenda for the upcoming meeting:

1. Introductions

2. Announcements

3. Updates regarding position changes/updates openings for coming year.

4. Discussion —

  • RIG re-organization
    • What is the current organization? How is it working for the group? Why do we need to organize/re-organize RIG? Pros/Cons
    • What subgroups should we officially create/continue? (i.e. conference presentation committee, PR committee, web committee, orientation committee, scholarship and funding committee, mentoring group, research committee? Etc.)
    • Structure of committees? (One resident and one mentor, at least? How many members? Responsibilities of members?)
    • Reach out to new and former residents for committees. How and who will do this?
    • Reporting:
      • How can we report capstone projects, special events/celebrations throughout residency cycle (i.e. positions acquired post-residency, etc)?
      • Progress or events with residency committee? (i.e. conference presentation, new research? New programs? Etc.)
      •  Perhaps create a way of making other libraries aware when a candidate is finishing a term so that they might want to snatch them up?
      • UNCG creates a post-residency report. Is this something that should be standardized? Published? Only upon request?
      • If time: What skills/concepts are important for residents and new grads to learn during residency?

5. Plans for the following year

  • Create groups, determine tasks for year and dates by end of August
  • Meet back up at Mid-winter and see how things are progressing


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