Resident Assessment Librarian: Harvard Library

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The Harvard Library is seeking an Assessment Librarian for the Harvard Library Assessment and Project Management unit for their two-year residency.  This position brings together collections, assessment, and consortia perspectives in library work. It provides an opportunity to engage with high level strategic perspectives, to do transformative work in the library, to learn how to be a catalyst for change as well as develop practical collections, data, assessment and visualization skills.  The resident will work closely with collection development staff, assessment and program management staff, and administrators.

This residency also offers the opportunity to participate with the ACRL Diversity Alliance and Harvard’s Administrative Fellowship Program, which strives to attract talented early career librarians, and in particular, members of historically underrepresented groups, to provide meaningful professional working experience and cultivate the professional goals and interests of the resident.  In the first year, through the Administrative Fellows Program, currently in its 30th year of operation, residents get the opportunity to work in an academic environment complemented by a career development program.

To view the complete description and to apply, see here.

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