Sara Arnold-Garza

Newbie Dispatches #9: Sara Arnold-Garza, current resident

Towson University is very happy to welcome Sara Arnold-Garza as the 2011-2013 Residency Librarian at the Albert S. Cook Library. Sara graduated in May, 2011 from the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her MSIS. Her professional experiences include library public services, database support, managing volunteers, and non-profit fund raising. Sara holds a Bachelor of Science in Professional Communication.


In her new role, Sara will complete rotations during the first year in the three main units of the library: Technical Services, Research & Instruction, and Archives & Special Collections. In the second year she will complete a capstone project, specializing in one area to develop and complete research for publication or presentation at a professional conference.  Sara began work at Towson on July 5th, and she has already become immersed in Technical Services projects involving heavy lifting, e.g., withdrawing 600 journal volumes, and problem solving, such as developing a license agreement database.


Sara’s focus while at Cook Library will be to bring innovation to library services and to promote diversity in the profession. Her interests include library instruction and information literacy, using technology in the classroom, and the future of the library. Sara is new to the East Coast and looks forward to exploring the abundant history and architecture.  With her intelligence, organizational skills and commitment to diversity, Sara will be a great asset to Towson and she is sure to have a bright future in librarianship.


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