The Mid-Atlantic Regional Residency Meeting

University of Delaware - Morris Library
A special post by Julie Brewer:

A brief report on the April 14, 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Residency Meeting.

The Mid-Atlantic area research library residency programs met at the University of Delaware on April 14, 2010.   It was a fruitful day of sharing program information, along with a focused discussion on preparing for “life post-residency.”   We celebrated the success of one resident who has already obtained a post-residency position.Colleagues from the National Library of Medicine were unable to attend because they were actively recruiting/interviewing.

The regional residency group hopes to continue collaborative learning opportunities for the residents. We also discussed ideas for cooperatively marketing residency program information to graduate library education programs in the area. Tentative plans were discussed to meet again within the next six months or so at another institution in the region.

A list of participants and photo are available at:

Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the discussion.   I would be happy to provide additional information about the meeting to the ACRL RIG when we get together in Washington, D.C.

Julie Brewer
University of Delaware

The photo is courtesy of / CC BY 2.0.

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