The New Graduate Experience

About one year ago, I wrote a post announcing the development of a new book on residency programs.  I am happy to report that the book, The New Graduate Experience: Post-MLS Residency Programs and Early Career Librarianshp, is now available in both print and electronic formats.

The book is co-edited by Megan Z. Perez, former Librarian-In-Residence at the University of Arkansas, and Cindy A. Gruwell, co-editor of Diversity in Libraries: Academic Residency Programs.  Cindy is also a former resident from the University of Minnesota’s residency program.  The New Graduate Experience features contributions from 25 authors representing more than 15 different institutions from around the United States and Canada.  They include personnel and staff development officers, deans, assistant professors, directors, program managers, department heads, and subject librarians.   Many of them were participants of the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program, the Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians from Traditionally Underrepresented Groups, and ARL’s Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce.

The book contains:

  • Strategies for residency program management from former and current program coordinators
  • Personal essays from former residents recounting their experiences
  • Qualitative and quantitative data from four different research projects
  • Reference lists within each chapter
  • Chapters describing new design elements for programs including nursing preceptors and communities of practice
  • Supplementary materials including vacancy announcement examples, survey instruments used, interview scripts, and mentor criteria forms

Libraries Unlimited (LU) is being kind enough to let me share the complete Table of Contents (PDF) with you.  LU is also offering a special discount offer through January.  You can get 20% off the retail price by using the special coupon code listed on this order form (PDF).  The offer applies to orders placed by phone, by mail, and online.

I also said I’d make a Facebook fan page for the book.  Voilà! Feel free to join, say hi, make some new connections.  It could be fun.


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