Our new column U-Turn answers questions from residents and advice from residency coordinators, past residents and new librarian professionals to help the resident head in the right direction. Please feel free to leave comments or send any questions for advice to the site administrators. All responses are anonymous

Resident Question:
I just received an offer for a residency position. Do I have room to negotiate my offer?

Response 1:
Salary structures at the entry-level are generally well defined and adhered to to ensure equity with current employees. It’s not fair to pay new residents more than other librarians already on staff. Individuals with an additional graduate degree in a relevant subject area or with some other relevant professional experience, such as teaching, may be offered a little above the minimum. Many public institutions publish salaries so it’s possible to research the salary structure. When considering a salary offer, it is fine to inquire how the salary offer compares to other entry-level positions at the institution as well as what non-salary elements such as funding for relocation and conference attendance are included.

Response 2:
I think most new recruits do some salary negotiation. Check on salaries for beginning librarians at other institutions in the area.

Responses 3:
You probably do not. My assumption is that you are asking about the salary. Most are discussed and decided long before the position is advertised. There may be room for discussion on attending a Library Conference or possibly moving expenses. Even, maybe on campus housing for up to a month during the transition.

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