What is ACRL TechConnect Blog?

Welcome to ACRL TechConnect, your source for technology-related content from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) along with C&RL News magazine. ACRL TechConnect is a moderated peer-reviewed blog produced by a group of academic librarians.  ACRL TechConnect also contains information on ACRL technology-related events, professional development opportunities, publications, articles, podcasts, and communities. Check out ACRL Technology Resources in addition to our blog.


Who We are

ACRL TechConnect Blog is a moderated blog run by a group of academic librarians, who are interested in discussing technology topics in the context of libraries and innovation. We’ll be covering innovative projects, emerging tech tools, computer programming, usability, design, new and notable trends in technology in the context of academic libraries, and more!

Expect new posts from our regular contributors and great guest authors.


Write a Guest Post for ACRL TechConnect Blog!

ACRL TechConnect Blog welcomes submissions from librarians and library support staff.  If you have a topic of interest that you want to introduce to or discuss with other librarians who work with technology on a daily basis, please send your draft to us! E-mail your submission to Eric Phetteplace with ‘ACRL TechConnect Blog submission’ in the subject line, and make sure to include a short bio of yours. (A few writing samples would be a big plus but not required).

Read our Guest Post Guidelines if you are curious about the process.

Are you interested in joining the ACRL TechConnect team of authors? The commitment required for being a regular author for TechConnect are (1) writing one post per month minimum, (2) giving feedback for others’ post, and (3) one meeting a month. We recommend starting with a few guest posts, so that you can have a feel for what will be like to be a regular contributor.


Why Write for ACRL TechConnect?

  • You will have the awesome experience of working on and revising your draft on a great topic of your choice with ACRL TechConnect authors.  You will enjoy our open informal peer-review process.
  • We have a fast turn-around time. Once your final version is ready, it will be published within a week.
  • You will be one of those cool librarians who wrote guest posts for ACRL TechConnect.
  • ACRL TechConnect is CC-licensed and you are free to re-post in your personal blog after it is published in ACRL TechConnect first.
  • ACRL TechConnect is viewed several hundred times a day on a day of high traffic.
  • ACRL TechConnect posts are often picked up by American Libraries Magazine. Some post authors might be also contacted to publish an article on the same topic for College and Research Libraries News.