Assessment in Action Project Reflection – Elise Ferer

The ACRL Value in Academic Libraries team asked recent participants in the Assessment in Action program to reflect on their work and we were simply floored by the generous responses.

Following is a reflection by Elise Ferer from Drexel University Libraries on her project: Putting the Library to Work: Information Literacy Skills in Co-op Job Search 

  1. What was your greatest challenge during the course of your Assessment in Action project?

My greatest challenge in my Assessment in Action project was trying to bring together people across campus who all had very busy schedules and different motivations along with carving out time for all of us to work on the project. I had to focus on what was the takeaways from the project for my campus team – why should they be interested in helping me with this project. 

  1. What is your #1 recommendation for other librarians who want to conduct an assessment project on student learning and success?

I would recommend that librarians who want to do this kind of work find campus partners who have some of the same goals, it makes the project mean more and creates or strengthens relationships for further outreach and assessment. 

  1. What is the #1 thing you gained through your participation in Assessment in Action?

The most important thing I gained from this project is a collaborative relationship with my campus partners, this project has led to increased involvement in what happens outside the four walls of the library and a better understanding of how we can support career services at Drexel.

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