Assessment in Action Project Reflection – kYmberly Keeton

kYmberly Keeton Lincoln University (Missouri)

kYmberly Keeton Lincoln University (Missouri)

The ACRL Value in Academic Libraries team asked recent participants in the Assessment in Action (AiA) program to reflect on their work and we were simply floored by the generous responses.

Following is a reflection by kYmberly Keeton, Academic Librarian/Assistant Professor of Library Science at the Inman E. Page Library, Lincoln University (Missouri). kYmberly’s primary research question was: How in the world did one faculty library group come together to explore assessing students’ writing intensive projects in three academic semesters within a scholarly learning space at a Historically Black College University? The project website at Lincoln University is available here. 

  1. What was your greatest challenge during the course of your Assessment in Action project?

The greatest challenge that I had during the AiA project was making sure that what was found in our assessment with regard to quantitative and qualitative information was conveyed and shaped in a way where an individual reading the assessment on their own would grasp the entire concept without direction from me as the designer, i.e. librarian team leader.

  1. What is your #1 recommendation for other librarians who want to conduct an assessment project on student learning and success?

It is imperative that you take the time to sit down with faculty members that will be a part of your project as team members. Establishing a relationship with them and setting up expectations for communication during your project is important. Meeting with them will provide you with a good narrative to go by as it pertains to the needs of their students and what they would like to see happen in a collaborative setting; they are your network that you can go to for support.

  1. What is the #1 thing you gained through your participation in Assessment in Action? 

I gained a level of trust with all of the faculty team members that participated in this project with me as a librarian.

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