Contributing to the conversation on this blog

At ALA last month, I had conversations with a variety of attendees from academic institutions who mentioned how they were using the Value of Academic Libraries at their own institutions.  Although I encouraged individuals during these conversations to contribute comments to the blog some were hesitant but shared no rationale for why they were reluctant to post or submit comments. We know a number of you are engaged in activities and we would love to hear from you.  On the sidebar of this blog is a “Share Your Research” option. If you are doing interesting studies, please share with us as we’d like to know more about work you are doing and perhaps feature your work in more detail.

We’d also like to hear back from you regarding updates that are posted here in the blog. In order to contribute comments, you do need to set up an account and log into that account to submit comments. This is necessary not in an attempt to stifle comments, but rather to thwart spam. It is a very short process and we really do want to hear from our readers.

It is the intention that as part of this initiative we develop communities of practice. Becoming a member of that community includes sharing your views, techniques, or even challenges that you may face. In order for us to develop professional development programs and opportunities that best meet your needs we could use your help in giving us feedback.  Please consider submitting information on  activities underway at your institution or share with this commuunity if you have questions, comments, or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you!



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