ACRL Roadshow: Assessment in Action

Higher education institutions of all types are facing intensified attention to assessment and accountability issues. Academic libraries are increasingly connecting with colleagues and campus stakeholders to design and implement assessment that documents their contributions to institutional priorities. In this day-long workshop on strategic and sustainable assessment, participants will identify institutional priorities and campus partners, design an assessment project grounded in action research, and prepare a plan for communicating the project results. This workshop is based on the highly successful ACRL Assessment in Action program curriculum.

The workshop is led by one or two expert presenters at locations across the country upon request. Please contact ACRL Program Officer Chase Ollis at or 1-800-545-2433 ext. 2521 to discuss dates and locations, pricing, and for complete workshop details.

Handouts, presentation slides and other materials from workshops are posted below and may be used by librarians to enhance their own knowledge or to adapt for workshops offered at their own campuses.

Workshop Handouts

Read This First

1 – Agenda

2 – Copyright and License

3 – Assessment Cycle

4 – Evaluating Assessment Readiness

5 – Action Research Methodology Context-1

6 – Examples of Assessment Cycle

7 – The Assessment Cycle in Practice

8 – Institutional Priorities

9 – Campus Partners

10 – Writing Outcomes Inquiry Questions

11- Blooms Taxonomy

12 – Assessment Tools

13 – Revised Outcome Criteria Action Evidence

14 – Alignment

15 – Prediction

16 – Communicating Results

17 – Articulating Next Steps

Workshop Presentation Slides

AiA Roadshow Presentation Slides Master