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Mar 2015 C&RL coverCollege & Research Libraries 77, no. 2 (2016).
Special issue of ACRL’s scholarly journal on action research from the Assessment in Action program. Contents:

  • Walter, Scott. “Assessment in Action: Introduction to the Special Issue.”
  • Malenfant, Kara J., Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, and Debra Gilchrist. “Assessment as Action Research: Bridging Academic Scholarship and Everyday Practice.”
  • Arellano Douglas, Veronica and Celia Rabinowitz. “Examining the Relationship Between Faculty-Librarian Collaboration and First Year Students’ Information Literacy Abilities.”
  • Davidson Squibb, Sara, and Susan Mikkelsen. “Assessing the Value of Course-Embedded Information Literacy on Student Learning and Achievement.”
  • Melançon, Jérôme and Nancy Goebel. “Personal Librarian for Aboriginal Students: A Programmatic Assessment.”
  • Jones, Phil, Julia Bauder and Kevin Engel. “Mixed or Complementary Messages: Making the Most of Unexpected Assessment Results.”
  • Lundstrom, Kacy, Pamela Martin and Dory Cochran. “Making Strategic Decisions: Conducting and Using Research on the Impact of Sequenced Library Instruction.”
  • Massengale, Lisa, Pattie Piotrowski and Devin Savage. “Identifying and Articulating Library Connections to Student Success.”
  • Whitlock, Brandy and Nassim Ebrahimi. “Beyond the Library: Using Multiple, Mixed Measures Simultaneously in a College-Wide Assessment of Information Literacy.”

Dempsey, Paula R.  and Heather Jagman. “ ‘I Felt Like Such a Freshman’: First-Year Students Crossing the Library Threshold.” portal: Libraries and the Academy 16, 1 (2016).

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