AiA Books/Book Chapters

Books/Book Chapters

AiA coverPutting Assessment into Action: Selected Projects from the First Cohort of the Assessment in Action Grant Edited by Eric Ackermann. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2016. Contents:

            Part 1: Assessing Information Literacy/Library Instruction
            First Year Students/First Year Experience

  • Jagman, Heather. “’I felt Like Such a Freshman’: Reflections on DePaul University Library’s Assessment in Action Project.”
  • Kremer, Jacalyn. “Honor Bound: Assessing Library Interventions into the Complex Problem of Academic Integrity.”
  • Nye, Valerie. “Cite Me! What Sources are Students Using for Research?”
  • Delevan, Kelly. “Employing Multiple Methods to Assess Information Literacy in a New Core Curriculum.”
  • Douglas, Veronica Arellano. “Assessing Student Learning and Faculty-Librarian Collaboration with a Mixed-Methods Approach.”
  • Prorak, Diane. “Assessment of Library Instruction within General Education Learning Outcomes and Academic Support Programs: Determining Impact on Student Research Skills, Confidence, and Retention.”
  • Allen, Maryellen. “Impact of Information Literacy Instruction on the Success of First Year Composition Students.”
  • Miller, Robin E. “Information Literacy Learning in First Year Composition: A Rubric-Based Approach to Assessment.”
  • DeBose, Kyrille Goldbeck and Carolyn Meier. “Comparing Apples and Oranges: Putting Virginia Tech’s FYE Inquiry Assessment Program into Perspective.”

            Second to Fourth Year Undergraduates

  • Mondschein, Henri. “Assessment in Action Case Study: Do Online Learning Modules Have a Role in Information Literacy Instruction?”
  • Jones, Phil. “Complementary, Not Conflicting Data: Using Citation Analysis and NVivo to Explore Student Learning.”
  • Catalano, Amy. “Predictors of Information Literacy Competencies at a Large University: A Reflection on Testing Methods.”
  • Shoemaker, Jill S. “Assessing Graduating Seniors’ Information Literacy Skills.”
  • Watts, John. “Using Single-Case Research Design to Assess Course-Embedded Research Consultations.”

            Graduate Students

  • Francis, Mary. “Assessing Online Graduate Students.”
  • Crea, Kathleen. “In Their Own Words: Evolution of Effective Search Behaviors by Medical Students and Residents at the University of Connecticut Health Center.”


  • Whitlock, Brandy. “Finding the Cocked Hat: Triangulating Assessment of Information Literacy as a College-Wide Core Competency.”

            Part 2: Assessing Outreach, Services and Spaces


  • McDevitt, Theresa. “Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends: Working with Student Affairs to Engage and Assess College Students.”


  • Paddick, Courtney. “ARC to Success: Linking the “Commons” Model to Academic Success at Central Washington University.”
  • O’Kelly, M. “Library research consultants: Measuring a new service.”
  • Resnis, Eric. “Dedicated Technology Facilities: Impacts, Success, and Implications.”
  • Montgomery, Susan E. and Suzanne D. Robertshaw. “Filling in the Venn Diagram: Second Year Students, Research, Writing.”
  • Bedwell, Linda. “Research Assistance Linked to Student Retention.”


  • Epperson, Annie. “Methodological Issues: Assessing the Impact of Using the Library on Student Success at the University of Northern Colorado.”

            Part 3: Longitudinal Assessment

  • Ireland, Ashley. “Known Library Use and Student Retention: A Methods Case Study.”
  • Bradley, Alison and Stephanie Otis. “Assessment Archaeology: Digging up Old Data for Longitudinal Assessments.”
  • Lupton, Aaron. “Impact of Library Usage on Student Success: Exploring New Territory.”

Mikkelsen, Susan and Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, “Think Like a Researcher: Integrating the Research Process in the Introductory Composition Curriculum,” in The New Information Literacy Instruction: Best Practices, eds. Patrick Ragains and Sandra Wood. (New York: Roman and Littlefield, 2015): 3-26.

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